The CMS Module

This system is created to store, organize, control, enrich and publish files or documentation in all sorts of forms (photos, texts, video, statistical data and so on) on web pages but in a very controlled access to the data. A CMS can range from being simple to complex according to demands, by incorporating various features.


Content management system is the base for any interactive website in recent competitive markets and it is deemed essential for:

  • Blogging
  • Posting articles or news
  • Product description
  • Publishing content across platforms
  • Simply put, this is the foundation of all business-client/prospect online interactions which is crucial in today’s marketplace to generate leads and compete online

Highlighted Features

  • Ability to create content once and publish it anytime anywhere
  • Suitability on all platforms
  • Choice of programming language and template framework
  • Flexibility and stability in content modelling and delivery
  • SEO management
  • Format and Permission management
  • Indexing
  • Cataloging content
  • Content selection and assembling 
  • Ability to send specific content to specific visitors (e.g. Languages)
  • Increased control over HTML content and web hosting
  • Natural browsing and editing on site where front-user can add and update content without the need for a complex set of controls
  • Fully secured
  • Multiple author editing and participation
  • Workflow management: once a story is submitted, it cannot be published unless it is approved by editor
  • Full document management (from creation till destruction)


Our CMS is flexible and stable in its content management yet user-friendly. Its features are customizable in a way to give you so much while keeping it simple.