Web Services Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Web Services

Cast a web of success on your offerings

Your website is a well designed marketing tool and also a comprehensive portal which improves business processes and helps generate revenue.  At Dow Group, we achieve a blend of marketing success and increased revenue by concentrating on defining business goals, technical process, and design requirements coupled with incredibly streamlined project management processes.  We understand how to design and develop impeccable websites, and know how to integrate it with business workflows and existing systems.


Dow Group has always delivered comprehensive web solutions and online marketing ideas to help you reach your business potential. We have time and again offered integrated strategies, intuitive technology, and creative design for online interactivity with your own clients. Harnessing the latest in web technology, Dow Group casts a web of success on your online identity with the help of a team of web experts, engineers and designers.


We help you market your website, whether simple or complex, efficiently. Besides, our web marketing and development solutions include custom offerings which can boost your bottom line. E-commerce and portal development is at the core of every effective online solution. Dow Group delivers real-time interactive world solutions with distinction in its ideas and conviction in its belief.  Our web solutions serving in Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE and in Lebanon include Web Design & Development, Commercial Website Development, E-commerce Solutions, Custom web solutions, Portal Development and Online Identity Solutions.


By combining various process flows, business intelligence media, and diverse user interface designs, we leverage your website to use logic, data, and content for delivering a brilliant user experience for your prospects.  We help you think beyond the click helping you with the site in various dimensions and also strategize the approach of your prospects through the website and its inner pages.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Recruitment Website
  • Commercial Website
  • Real Estate Website
  • E-commerce Website
  • News - Related Website
  • Customized Website
  • Web-Based Tutorials
  • Software Development
  • Portal Development
  • Web Maintenance
  • Online Identity
  • Business Solutions
Corporate Branding Services and Solutions Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Corporate Branding

Help your Business Build a Brand with Value

We help you deliver a brand which lives up to your promises! Dow Group provides corporate branding solutions which refurbishes your visual identity, delivering a framework which enhances significance and value.

Our brand management experts create brand recognition by using the existing corporate brand equity while we stress on your image as well as your offerings through our comprehensive brand strategies which include innovative brand policies. We assess brands and position them since we plan your business with creative thinking for approaching your leads selectively. Our services include corporate identity development, brand research & marketing, brand strategy development and brand-enhancing marketing collateral.


When you need enhanced branding of your company with every email you send out to prospects, then why choose the normal email. We at Dow Group help you brand your email with corporate email design for quick identification of your brand and identity. Even small letter heads have a good impact on the entire branding process.


Increase the credibility of your business with our branded business stationery. We deliver a creative and impactful way to promote your offerings and help you get noticed so that you can market your services better than anyone else in the market. Our animated logos are reasonable priced and always make a bold statement for the brand persona. Our collateral brand development always attracts attention towards the brand.

  • Corporate Image
  • Logo Design
  • Slogans & Mottos
  • Indoor/Outdoor Posters
  • Stationery
Mobile Application Development Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Mobile Application Development Dubai

With the influx of mobile devices and gadgets, Dow Group, leading web development company in Dubai and Lebanon started focusing on providing apps for smartphones and other portable devices. Our software engineers and technical professionals help users to connect to the web through tailored apps for different business domains. We create apps and solutions for simplifying routine operations along with other purposes with the help of messaging clients, utility apps for back-office operations and others. We develop native apps for nearly every platform.


  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Window Mobile Apps* New
Search Engine Optimization - SEO Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Dubai

Make yourself known among those who search

In the world of online competition, it is essential to have higher search engine rankings. We help companies to be visible to customers organically and follow a well-conceptualized Internet marketing plan for converting prospects into leads.

Dow Group can help increase search engine rankings and even drive site traffic of any of our clients with consistent efforts and constant dedication. The expertise offered by our technical and copywriting crew enables Dow Group to successfully meet the requirements of companies with complex websites in different industries.

The company also caters to clients who require a comprehensive approach to search engine marketing. As experts in the domain and digital marketing, on the whole, the Dow Group marketing personnel have a proven track record of providing effective SEO Dubai marketing strategies with measurable results.

Our search engine optimization services include a boost in traffic and high and measurable return on investment. With the new Google update, we have formulated content strategies which are aligned with the SEO principles, boosting the marketing reach of your organization.

Organic Search Engine - SEO company in Dubai, affiliate mother company of Dow Group.

  • Organic SEO
  • Pay-per Click
  • Banner Advertisement
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Website Structure
  • Blogs and Forums
  • Backlinks Creation
Domain Registration & Hosting Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Domain Registration & Hosting

Dow Group helps you to define your identity online with its domain registration and hosting services! We help you design your website, and define your identity for your clients with precision and quality. Our hosting and domain name registration services will help your prospects to approach you and know your company better. We deliver a professional image to our services with an identity which creates the right impression for the growth of your business. We also help you create personalized email accounts, share documents and applications; develop e-commerce, and promote online data dissemination.

Rigid Host - Web Hosting and Server

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting & Dedicated Server
  • Email Accounts
  • E-Commerce Integration
E-commerce Services and Solutions Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

E-commerce Marketing Services Dubai

Dow Group delivers comprehensive and advanced web application development services and e-commerce development solutions of diverse complexities tailored to meet different client needs and requirements. We also help build comprehensive e-stores and web applications which are customized with e-commerce functionality and robust solutions for your critical problems. The company has built and delivered complex web applications for data management systems and created interactive components using extensive in-house code libraries. We have developed several online applications.

  • Shopping carts and portals
  • Shopping catalogues and content management systems
  • Credit card processing and payment gateway integration
  • Member registration and Login
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Enterprise search options
  • Job boards and discussion boards
  • Online chats, polls and surveys
  • Event Calendars with Reminders
Social Media Marketing Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Social Media Marketing Services Dubai

Dow Group provides comprehensive social media marketing and optimization services for those who want their businesses to expand beyond their local market. We leverage social media channels for the dissemination of your marketing message. By making the best use of each channel’s reach and effectiveness, we employ strategies which can highlight your services and products to prospects worldwide. We also make use of digital marketing trends to our advantage by making optimum utility of each platform. Tools include videos, tweets, status messages and so on which attract a huge crowd depending on their tastes. We also make the best use of your identity and potential to create a marketing wave which can engulf prospects and leads in due course with our dialogues and interactive ploys.

  • Facebook Integration and Marketing
  • Tweet marketing using Twitter
  • Cross linking of content on social media platforms
  • Linked In and Google+ Account Optimization
  • Multimedia development for marketing messages
  • Social media integration on blogs and websites
E-mail Marketing Services & Solutions Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

E-mail Marketing Services Dubai

Dow Group has a huge team of marketing experts and IT marketers who are well versed with the tools and support that would help you to create and send e-mails and newsletters to prospects. We define your offerings succinctly for conveying your marketing message in best possible terms. Market your business with a good description of products and services organized in a fashion which is attractive and easy to grasp for your clients.

For email campaigns, we have a line-up of offerings which will help you suit your requirements:

  • Direct Mail Distribution
  • Newsletter Distribution
  • Autoresponders
  • Campaign mails
Copywriting Services Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Copywriting Services Dubai

Dow Group presents creative writing and copywriting services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Lebanon to its clients by transforming art and design blending them perfectly. We deliver professional copywriting services and online content services to the certified team of copywriters who write content which convinces your end clients about the veracity of your offerings. As our clients, we help you create concepts and ideas to convey the value your products with our smart punchlines and taglines. We do not encourage plagiarism in the least and always comply with the standards and policies of international writing guidelines. We guarantee that our work proves to be worthy of your satisfaction and exclusive enough for marketing identity.

  • Vision Statement Construction
  • Mission Statement Construction
  • Corporate Identity
  • Proof Reading and Revision
  • Collateral Content
  • Website Content
  • Translation
  • Research
  • Writing Styles
  • Creativity
CRM & Process Automation Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

CRM & Process Automation

Building in continuous improvement

Business process automation enables you to monitor your system for activities; it allows you to email the customer, notify an account manager, send a report, or even ship out a product. You can automate your processes virtually maximizing CRM.

Digital Outsourcing Services Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Digital Outsourcing Dubai

Dow Group Offshore

We Outsource Your Digital Project
7 Days Per Week

Dow Offshore is another tree branch, which falls under both categories, the ITO (Information Technology Overseas) and the R&D (Research and Development). Based in Lebanon, Dow Offshore outsourcing services are mainly concerned with technical jobs and software developments.

Our team performs company tasks overseas providing technical support, high quality of service, on-time delivery, and cost-effective solutions for you business 7 days per week.

Dow Offshore functions in synergy with Dow Group to reach a similar target, enhancing your business effectively and efficiently.

Marketing Consultancy Dubai, UAE & Beirut, Lebanon

Marketing Consultancy

Dow Training Centre

Learn the Art of Performance

Over a decade of experience in the field of digital communication, Dow Group has registered its first Training Centre in UAE- Dubai. Certified instructors and tutors gather to transfer acquired knowledge to your employees; they provide participants with practical skills and information on new technologies through seminars, detailed discussions, or group exercises.

Dow Training Centre is considered as the backbone of innovation. It grants you training sessions for your staff members, technical & project managers, as well as designers either at the training facility or at your organization. Moreover, Dow Training Centre plans your training schemes; it helps you develop new principals and implement different strategies regarding online communications including website and mobile application developments.