Sayidati Web Application

  • Regions to control unlimited number of recipes with all their details 
    • Equipments
    • Ingredients with quantities
    • Photos
    • Videos
    • Cooking steps
  • Full calendar management which:
    •  Allow customers to create multiple calendars
    • Automatically generate full shopping lists with quantities and with option to filter by recipes or by date calendar
  • To help customer choose his/her daily meals by choosing his/her special ingredients
  •  Allow customers to choose and store their own favorite meals
  • Allow customers to share their own recipes
  • Comments system per recipe

Lexus Service Reservation System

  • Controlling appointments for  multiple branches in different cities in Saudi Arabia
  • Customer can select the best timing in the suitable branch and needed service in easy way
  • Multi admin users with different levels and permissions
  •  Automated reminders
    • Daily reminders
    • Hourly reminders
    • Daily reports
    • SMS reminders
  • Audit logs: tracking and recording all operations done by admin users

8 Keys

Buying, selling, renting and insuring a car or motorcycle in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


A virtual marketplace to Build stores or simply post an ad, connecting with other people to buy or sell anything.

Hair and wear

Hair and wear unite all existing business related to women from head to toe in one website.

ATDS Application

This application is for managing all company tasks, related on cars and accessories, shipment .. etc.