10 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Next Website Redesign

web redesign

If you are trying to redesign your website, you will need more than just the graphics to remember.

Are you ready to redesign your company’s website and hire a web design company in Dubai? If so, you are undoubtedly experiencing a broad spectrum of emotions: excitement, anticipation, anxiety, fear, or all of the above and more. We say you are not alone.

Below are 10 questions you should consider before you begin your next website redesigning. Although this guide is far from exhaustive, it gives several important points to remember to ensure your new website will be a success. Let’s dig into it!

1.  Is a Complete Website Overhaul Necessary?

Brands sometimes make the error of thinking that they ought to renovate their website while missing a specific purpose.

For instance, the current website of a brand may function just fine and produce the results they’re searching for, but it’s been a while since they redesigned it. Maybe one of their rivals has just launched a new website, and they start suffering from the syndrome of “shiny new toy.”

2. What Business Goals Do I Want My New Website to Achieve?

So, you have decided a valid reason for redesigning your website. Then it is time to be more precise.

Rather than looking at what your current website is missing, think about what targets your new website will accomplish. Do you want to generate more traffic? Boost lead generation? Drive brand awareness?

3. Who Is My Website for?

It is easy to get wrapped up with what your staff and managers want to include on your new website. But whose opinion really matters? The success and quality of your website will be determined by your target audience and existing customers.

4. How Will I Avoid Losing My Current Traffic?

When you start a redesign, you do a lot more than just put a fresh coat of paint on your website. Changing your website may have a range of unintended implications, particularly regarding your search engine traffic.

5. What Are the “Must-Haves” for My New Website?

While your staff struggles to meet those demands, the CEO chimes in suggesting he needs less gimmicky animations and more candid images of employees and customers.

Before you know it, you have installed and deleted too many items that your new website does not match the original mock-ups. This case is every bit of the nightmare that it sounds like, but it is possible to avoid it by creating a must-have list. From there you should have some leeway to bring out fresh thoughts and last-minute requests.

6. What Is a Feasible Timeline to Complete the Redesign?

For any major project, accurate timelines are important, but none more so than a website redesign. If you set a deadline and be short on the resources to meet it, you are bound to cut corners, make errors, rush important decisions, and end up launching your website before it is finished.

7. Will My New Site Impact My Brand?

Although sometimes both go hand in hand, distinguishing between a redesign and a rebrand is significant. It is also more necessary to understand how your redesign can affect your branding and how it’s viewed by your audience.

8. Who Will Be Responsible for Each Aspect of the Redesign?

You will most likely have a large number of staff employed on the redesign project, designers, web developers, content writers, SEO specialists, and project managers to mention a few.

It is necessary to delegate control of each part of the process to a specific person or team of individuals.

9. Will My New Website Be Optimized for Mobile?

Considering that mobile users account for more than 55% of website traffic, a resounding “yes” would be the response to this issue. Mobile tends to outpace the desktop as the source of worldwide web traffic.

When designing a website mobile device are no longer secondary concerns. Your new website must perform on a customer’s phone as well as it does on their computers.

10. How Will I Measure Success?

So, you launched your new website and managed not to fully break it or tank your web traffic. Then it is time to celebrate, right?

Not so fast. This will not be the last time you change your website, and it is crucial to assess your progress carefully so you can make the best website changes going forward.


There’s no way around it: redesigning your website faces several problems and almost doesn’t go exactly as expected. You will hit roadblocks, make mistakes, and experience anxious moments.

But, at the end of the day, a website redesign is just as complicated as you make it.

Before starting the project, plan as much as possible and ask yourself the right questions and you will be able to create a beautiful new web site that will please your audience and help develop your company.

Contact us at Dow Group, a Web design company in Dubai to help you redesign your website project to prioritize your goals that are fit for your business to create better results!