1868: Your Second Home – Restaurant Cafe & Gallery in Abu Dhabi

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1868 Restaurant Café and Gallery

For release on December 14, 2017, at 14: 30

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Abu Dubai, UAE, December 14 – Restaurants and cafes are everywhere but have you gone to a place wherein you can dine, read a book, paint and learn new things all at the same time? 1868 Restaurant and café is the place for your artistic soul, the cure for your cravings and the place for you to chill – privately or in a big group.


They offer varied services suited for your liking. If you just want to dine, they give the most sumptuous meals from different cultures; Mediterranean, Arabic, local or international cuisine – they have it.


If you just want to chill and drink your favorite tea or coffee alongside the book you love to read, this is also the best place for you. They have a cozy café that lures bookworms to enjoy reading. They even have their own library that is sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and ZOWD cultural establishment, which performs activities such as book swap, language exchange, storytelling, puppet show and author’s book signing.


If you think 1868 already has everything you need, think twice. What makes 1868 distinctive among the other restaurants and cafes is their love for art.


They have an art gallery and they conduct art workshops and events such as Drawing and Sketching, Clay Modeling, Cooking Class, Photography, Jewelry Design, etc.. They also have Book Club, Kids Club, and Kids Camp. Speaking of camp, they invite you to their Winter Camp that will be held on December 17, 2017 – January 4, 2018. They will also launch their new website soon, so stay tuned.


Dine in an artistic setting. Dine at 1868 and love the life you are living.


For more details about 1868 Restaurant Café and Gallery, kindly visit their website or their Instagram account, @1868uae