2: Different avenues to tweet for!

Twitter in particular offers a different avenue for you to be able to reach different people and not to straight out sell to them, but maybe talk and network in a way that can lead up to a sell.  Not everyone is happy reading emails, which is a one sided conversation. They like to talk directly to you and why not tweet with you!
Half the point of using these tags on twitter is to connect with people. You can search Twitter for hashtags and find the other people using them; people you know, people you don’t. People who see it and think – Oh, what is that about and join in!

Hashtags allow people talking about the same topic to connect and, for speakers who use it – properly – at an event, it is another way to reach your audience – people who are interested in what you teach and sell – potential customers.

Hashtags can do a lot for your business – if used effectively. So please make sure if you say to tweet it – that you mean it! Be sincere if you tell people to tweet with a hashtag – then make sure you follow up with people that do.

Why don’t you take this grand opportunity to talk to some creative, motivated and aspiring people like the group of developers and designers at Dow Group and open up the process as you plan a website development or redevelopment, design or redesign, or any business solution in mind including a Twitter account and review all of this with them as you create your new twitter account and get started with the right hashtags, pictures, tweets and quotes!

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