What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is a type of marketing that relies on writing and constructing short articles to be published on the internet for the purpose of promoting a specific website. If used properly, this method could optimize your rankings simply and freely. When a link to your website is included in the article, and it has been reproduced, it could drive traffic to your website.

Article marketing can be done through different ways:

1. Using blogs and forums: posting your articles on your blog or website gives you more freedom to choose self-serving content and does not limit your article in size. Besides, you can include as many links as you like.

2. Using Article Submission sites: the content of the article has to be approved by the site. They don’t allow the inclusion of links or limit you to one link per article. However, your article can reach diverse markets and introduce your company to new readers.

3. Using press releases: articles have to be approved in most cases and cannot be self-serving and some press releases sites automatically convert your links to non-follow links, meaning you can’t increase your search engine ranking but you could still attract people to your website.

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