6 Activities performed in Online PR


PR can be generally defined as the management of reputation, meaning maintaining goodwill between an organization and its publics. When it comes to the digital world, mentions of a brand or site on other sites are powerful in shaping opinions and driving visitors to your site. E-PR aims at maximizing those favorable mentions and aiding the marketing team in achieving online marketing goals & objectives.

What activities does online PR include?

(a) Communicating with media online: setting up a press release area on third party websites, creating e-mail alerts about news, submitting news stories to online news feed

(b) Link building: an activity aimed at including good-quality hyperlinks to your site on third-party sites. It is an effort to achieve as many links into a web site as possible in order to have higher position in the search engine

(c) Blogs, Podcasts and RSS: Blogs: An online diary or news source prepared by an individual or a group of people
Podcasts: Individuals and organizations post online media (audio and video) which can be accessed in the appropriate players including the iPod

(d) Online communities and social networks: It is important for organizations to determine how their audiences use social networks and that the opportunities are to reach and interact with them.

(e) Managing how your brand is presented on third-party sites: As part of online PR it is useful to set up monitoring services. It is also necessary to have the resources to deal with negative PR

(f) Creating a buzz- online viral marketing: involves generating word-of-mouth and links through a web site

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