8 Trends to transform your business in 2015

With the spectacular increase in new websites hitting the internet, tens of thousands every day and tens every second, competing against can be easy by not listening to what Web Designers say for they guide you to what looks new, trendy and good not to what works to convert traffic into online results.

By sticking to what converts, implement also these 8 trends for bettering RIO (return on investment): 

1. The World Has Gone Mobile.
The biggest trend and most important of all is going with your business on smaller screens, mobile, cell and tablet internet are now being visited by 67% of people around the globe.
Without that great mobile experience, all of the hard work you’ve done up until now (and money you’ve spent) will be for nothing for you will be losing up to 67% of your traffic instantly. 
So hurry up and launch your business on a mobile, cell and tablet to bring in a bunch of new businesses that are currently not visiting you likewise. 

2. Big, gorgeous, full-width graphics and videos!
With the increase in global internet speed up to two to three times, designers have become involved in featuring photos, graphics and videos to expand filling large monitors or shrink fitting a small handheld device. So this is your time now to focus your full visitor’s attention to where you want and the thing you want them to do!

3. Modular Organization of Pages
Modular division of pages is the trend now and you can see modules on mobile devices that can be scrolled down easily and websites turning into one section or module at a time evolving along with this technology.

4. Sticky Nav. (AKA navigation…)
Entering the “sticky nav” you will allow navigation to stick to the top of the page as a visitor scrolls from top to bottom in a getting longer page website scheme, allowing access to the most important pages on your site at any moment in time. 

5. Modals, pop-ups & “micro interactions.”
As pages are getting longer, attention is getting shorter and navigation is getting weaker, a well-timed pop-up or a single extra-large button in your top banner launches a modal or pop-over focusing your visitors’ attention exclusively on inputting their name and email address signing up for your email list or scheduling a free call, better than surfing the whole site for that!

6. Less text, bolder type
This is the task for smart designers to make use of bullet points, numbered lists, headlines, short paragraphs and other ways to chop text up into smaller and smaller pieces, or topography to draw attention to the handful of headlines & content that’s truly important, or Google Fonts plus low-to-no-cost type libraries to craft custom font palettes that allow treating content like design – grabbing attention and pulling the reader in – while reducing the amount of text on a page for greater consumption. 

7. Cleaner, fresher, flatter, simpler
The jamming of websites pixel-by-pixel with textures, graphics, tables and animations has gone for using the full length (vertical scrolling) and width of the page (full page-width graphics & backgrounds) to create more spacious, modular colorful, cleaner and fresher designs that work on every screen and device.

8. Live chat
With the culture social media has created demanding transparency and accessibility in conversation, where people live chat with businesses before making a purchasing decision. A technology allowing them interacting with owners the exact moment they have a question, which skyrockets conversion. 

Hiring a Web Development or Web Design team that coherent and cohesive in a web development & design firm working in conformity with these eight points we’ve already listed and able to stand a rapid change in business conditions can be a challenge that offers a great opportunity to real success. 

Why don’t you take this grand opportunity to talk to some creative, motivated and aspiring people like the group of developers and designers at Dow Group and open up the process as you plan a website development or redevelopment, design or redesign, or any business solution in mind?

What do you look for in a website designer? Do you have other tips? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.