Adding Sustainable Aspect to Website Design

After the world realizes the huge impact of global, all people from throughout the world are doing their best to minimalizing the impact. For this purpose, our scientists discovered that there are many ways we can do, from the simplest way with small impact to the cause until the significant one such as curtailing energy use as well as carbon footprints. As prevention act of global warming, most governments have ratified global carbon emission standard for automotive, telecommunication, and construction industries. However, physical businesses are not the only important matters now. With the rapid development it has, internet has also become another threat that may aggravate the global warming threat we have. For this reason, adding sustainable aspect to website design is the best thing we do, as Dow Group suggests.

Dow Group is one of the best website design company in Dubai. As a business, it realizes that the profit is not only the aspect all businesses should consider, but also living in and developing global communities. For this cause, Dow Group has committed itself to designing not only the best website for businesses and personal, but also sustainable websites.

At present days, the world is suffering from more than 332 million tons of carbon dioxide which comes from the internet. However, the surprise does not end with this point. Another point tells us that at least 40% of the carbon or about 132.8 million of carbon comes from one direct source: web designers. Some people would questions about this number and end with one belief that they do not believe the amount. Well, it would not be that high if all web designers work efficiently with resources they have, especially the electricity. The less efficient they work with a website, the more electricity they need for the project that means the world should burn more fuels than normal to get the power. Well, luckily we have a good news. Even though we cannot run from our need of electricity, we can do something to use less electricity than standard by applying advanced website design strategies. The main core is how to create a mean, lean, and the most significant point is: green website.

By choosing not to build a page with 1.4 content on it is the simplest implementation of building sustainable website, but it looks impossible to apply this strategy due to one simple reason from clients in general. Most of them come with a request of attractive websites with advanced social media features, interesting images, and other related features that may attract people to come to their website. As you can see, most clients come with features request, not efficiency request which makes sustainable website difficult even since the first step. Now, since you cannot deny the request, you should find an alternative solution for this issue. At Dow Group, we use page size budget.

We would not choose page size budget if we do understand there is nothing we can grab from it. Instead, it gives us ability to increase website performance within less than two seconds or even shorter than that. Of course, in accordance with the website performance, we also reduce carbon footprint that comes from the website.
Another aspect of page size budget requires us to consider data weight as an important aspect at each stage of our website design.

Content strategy

There are various strategies web designers use to improve website performance, but most designers choose to retrofit the content that sole purpose is to provide the same information, but through different channel. This replacement includes picture instead of video as well as using text as a replacement of images.

Code implementation

Website code does not only involve with website programming, but also its development especially in improving the website performance. For this cause, there are four important features that are worth for all designer’s concern: shrinking website original scripts, download speed, caching times, and finally files combination. All these features are important in reducing data access overload as well as HTTP requests. Some tools would be a great help at this point such as Google Page Speed, which will help you in determining which technique you currently need. However, if you are looking for further web design solution, Web performance 101 acts as the perfect place for you to go.


Green website hosting
There is one similarity between building your own home and website design. The first thing that should exist in your mind is the area you will build your home, not what you will place inside the building. The same matter happens at Dow Group. We begin the process of website design and development with finding the perfect place for your website to ‘live’. Per our topic about sustainable website, we do offer you a green hosting service. Unlike other common hosting services, green hosting servers use eco-friendly electricity to power the whole system such as geothermal power. We do understand your concern to the nature, and this is the simplest way we can help you.