Atomic App revolutionizes Design

Atomic App revolutionizes Design

The all-time drive of web designers to design interactive experiences jumping from fixed states of creation to interaction and animation has lately been visualized with a new breed of design app named Atomic, which bridges the gaps left by traditional artwork applications like Sketch, or Photoshop.

Atomic provides a landscape for creative processes away from workflow dictated by the mechanics of production artwork, a governorship mentality that previews how a design will behave rather than how it might look.

Atomic crosses the lines between web and native apps blur allowing designers more effective, collaborative, creative and interactive design approach, more focused on user experience than just being a flow chart mocked up in Sketch.

Atomic provides design without code or exporting production code. When the designer understands the capabilities and limitations of the medium, no bad ramifications are incurred.

Atomic interactions could be applied with a control panel and runs in the browser, with no plug-in to install, at the same time via a simple URL opened on any device you can share with anyone allowing him/her to collaborate or comment on your design.

Atomic which is for the rapid iteration of ideas allows designers with its wave of new tools to work with experiences and full history to experiment without fear, forking designs to move in a new direction and enabling designers to get more creative, and effectively communicate their ideas to clients and teams far from static layouts.

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