The best web design trends for 2014

Web designers have proposed lots of new ideas last year and many of them are now being incorporated as part of the important trends of 2014.

Here are some of the main design trends for your website:


1. Flat design always makes an impression

Flat design was just not another fad since it is like minimalist design on steroids which is simple and  clean and extremely modern in approach.

Flat design in web designing makes sense since there is less clutter, and white space in sites makes better impression on the user. More is less in here, thus making it the number one trend for 2014.


2. Responsive design is compulsory for all

Responsive design is close to becoming a standard and not only a trend since most clients are asking for it and website designers are taking care to incorporate coding requirements depending on the rising demand. Smartphones and tablets are exploring this huge marketing potential.


3. Websites need to showcase better images

Portraits always help in enhancing a simple image to the central part of a website. Designers always focus on better images but they do not render well on the client side. 2014 will bring good quality images which are creative and unique since the overall pricing of such images is affordable and the speed of loading is quick enough.


4. Parallax websites grow in popularity

Parallax websites are a rage since the site does make impact and a huge statement. Parallax design uses scrolling mischief, impactful imagery, and creative typography. Big brands are bound to use the design trend well in the coming days.


5. Infographics will continue to represent data perfectly

Infographics always manage to present a lot of information with eye-catching design and do not cost much. End-users prefer infographics since they have their own identity and personality. Typography and color schemes along with shapes are combined for a brilliant effect.

There is a story atmosphere built around facts and numbers which strikes eye candy in the users’ mind. Large pieces of data can be communicated better too.


6. Typography takes center stage

Forget the general fonts: Georgia, Times New Roman, Helvetica and Calibri! 2014 will get the designers to take typography seriously. It is now approaching mainstream status because of the avalanche of mobile apps where typography goodies are always a major factor of getting us glued to the small screen.

With high quality fonts available at affordable prices, users will feel empty with Helvetica as the font. Hence new fonts are in high demand amongst users.