The Biggest Trends in the Marketing Industry for the Future

With changing technology and democratization of advantages which were previously held by large companies, there are major business model disruptions expected in 2014.

Chip implants with accelerometer and GPS features are sure to get your eyes raised. There are custom diet recommendations and other things in store especially for pets, remote home intruder alerts and so much more!  Marketing would never be easier for such products and innovations!

The Marketing Cost Balloon needs to be squeezed although efforts would increase. The costs associated with content, personalization, marketing technology spend has the CFO magnifying the numbers. CMOs are expected to take drastic measures to manage marketing costs and consolidate global agency relationships.  With the creation of smaller teams, efforts would be made to appease the customer personally.

Content Distribution is in vogue and expected to be digitized quickly so that anybody can create and distribute it.  2014 will see marketers working for their own brands!  With content marketing and distribution strategies ruling the roost, a lot of money will be splurged on it.  Only a few would be able to become the head of the distribution.

Digital Immigrants would be many but would be dwindling fast. Traditional marketing disciplines would take up less money.  Digital is expected to dismantle traditional marketing silos and re-cast them for the new corporate world.

More than hundred marketing technology practitioners will be putting dollars behind technology while few marketing technologists are expected to view digital marketing to create business value compared to alternate investments.

Smart Brands will create immersive prototypes of what the new corporate and marketing world will look like with creative visualizations which would help in selling ideas, rally support around product change and help provide foresight and vision about the direction for future changes.