Business and E-commerce: Attracting customers

People and businesses have their own idea in building their own website, but there is one connecting line you can draw among these different reasons. Both people and companies build the website because they want to show their business presence on the internet. If we carefully look at this first and foremost reason, we can learn the presence of two important aspects of website design: to show person/business on the internet and attract people to visit the website.

These two aspects come with each website we build on the internet. However, each of them has different priority level. People or businesses may be able to present themselves on the internet, but it will become useless if the website cannot attract people to visit the site. It even becomes more important than ever if you decide to merge your business with e-commerce when internet holds the crucial role.
For this reason, I have provided you the following list where you can get some helpful tips that will aid you in attracting many people to your website.

Search engine

Once you built your website, you have also opened your door towards international competition. It means that you should expect not only local competitors to come, but also international competitors. Your competitors may have greater skills, experiences, and knowledge than you. So, the only question you have now is: how you will survive at this tough competition?

Internet is not only media you can use to enter the international competition, but also a tool you can use to win the game. However, it needs more than a willingness to win the game. You need to find the ultimate solution that will bring you on the top of the game winner list. This tool not only should bring you to the top of the winner list, but effectiveness and efficiency. So, what kind of tool we are talking and how you can get use of it?

When you come with this question, different people or even experts will give you different solutions, but there is one absolute thing they will never miss telling you: search engine.
Most people know search engine, such as Google and Bing, for its quick information search ability. However, the fact from the network shows that it is not the only feature the device can offer to you. There is one important thing we usually forget about search engine: they can also help you in winning the global competition by increasing your popularity. So, how exactly this machine can help you with this purpose?

There are two alternatives search engine offers both for people and businesses: natural search and paid search.
We can describe natural search as specific business strategy that attracts people to search your website on the internet without paying them. As the contrary, when you apply paid search strategy, you pay someone to search your website or any relevant information about it on the internet. As you can see, both strategies have one purpose in common: to increase the popularity of your website by increasing its placement on search engine result page.
Both natural and paid searches are very useful in increasing your website popularity, but they are only the final product of your strategy. Before you can ask people to search your website on the internet, you should make your website searchable. In this specific e-commerce case, there are several points you should fulfill before people can search your website on the network.

Keyword still holds the crucial role in SEO; a term business uses to call when using search engine methods in increasing their website popularity. This subject focuses inappropriate selection of keyword and its placement throughout the article. While there are many businesses who may recommend you to use only keywords that give benefit to your business, I would like to suggest different opinion. When you run a business, the essential thing is not about how to get as much profit as possible, but it is about getting people’s trust both on your company and its product. For this clear and simple reason, I believe that it is not a wise decision if your keywords pay too much focus to your business as the only side, but it should also think about your customer’s side. In simple words, I would like to suggest that your business should serve your customers. You can start this by providing keywords that will help your customers in finding information they need or want. When you have done it, do not forget to include the keywords in a particular link that will lead people to come to specific product or page you want them to visit. You can put the link from whether content you post at your own website or external posts.

Natural search offers the most economical and efficient performance for your business. Most natural search methods use legitimate ways in increasing market demand, but you should keep your awareness over some service vendors that have no respect to search engine rules and regulations about information searching. This fact leads to one conclusion. If you want to use third-party service to increase your business popularity through natural search, make sure that you have already checked their background and any references. In addition, you should also have reviewed its previous clients and commitment in obeying the law of natural search.

Paid searches, as the name shows you, use the different way to get to the top of the search result list. Instead of letting the system do the whole processes through natural ways, companies are paying their way to achieve their goal. There are some examples when business asks service from other businesses in suggesting specific keywords that have relevance with their company products and services. The service will then continue in creating appropriate keyword description and geographic area selection where the target audience of the company lives.  After all these processes, the result will then show at search engine result page, such as Google and Bing. The company will then pay to the service provider based on a result it gets on the search result page. For SEO services you can hire our SEO services in Dubai to rank your business website higher in search engines like Google, Bing etc.

E-mail marketing

It is more crucial to have a strong relationship with your customers than just increasing the number. E-mail marketing, for example, can keep firm relationship you have with your customers. This strategy will surely ensure your customers that your company is worth for the firm relationship and their trust, but only if you perform it accordingly.

There is one deciding role in e-mail marketing. Your customers are people and not just object whom you want to force in purchasing your products and service. You should remember this critical aspect. Only when you honor your customers, your e-mail marketing strategy will turn to the ultimate tool not only in attracting new customers to come, but also in building a firm relationship with them. It is the ‘Holy Grail’ all businesses expect because once your customers believe that your company is worth for their trust, they will become not only as someone who purchase your products or use your services, but also your unpaid marketing sales agents.