Business and e-commerce: Design, navigation, and marketing

In the business, you may need to apply complex processes as long as they bring benefit to your business, but when it comes to deal with your customers, simplicity is the key. Everything must stay simple if you want to gain respect and trust from your customers. Good and successful businesses always come with simple website design. While each website designer may come with the different interpretation of simple website, at least there is one category of simple website all designers should fulfill. All simple websites use a combination of attractive graphic design and content on all pages to attract online visitors. After it has completed both the aspects, a simple website should also come with easy navigation system that allows the user easily to navigate through the website to find any information they want.

The following tips should come as aid for you in designing a simple website that gives benefit both to your business and your customers, as well.
1. Tell your audience information you will give to them even  since the first page they arrive
2. Your audience needs only two clicks to get any information they want
3. Some links and headers may become useful in telling information about your store’s name.
4. Give your audience visible sitemap. So, they will know they their current position and how they can navigate to other parts they may have the interest.
5. Your website should be able to provide a quick answer to any question your audience may have
6. Your audiences also include people with disabilities. So, make sure that they can also navigate through your website and find any information they need. Provide them with appropriate services that will give aid for this purpose.
7. Provide only high-quality information that gives benefit to your readers. Make sure that you  have written all content accordingly.
8. Play carefully with the buzz words
9. Provide easy navigation to homepage for all pages. So, your audience can go quickly to the homepage, no matter which page they are currently accessing.
10. Give some attractive graphics to your audience, but keep it from going too distracting and flashy.
11. Choose careful technologies you want to use in supporting your website. Please remember that those technologies should support and enhance your website. So, keep away any technology that may kill its performance.

Product Marketing

If selling some products or offering some services on your website, make sure that your audience can get enough information about them. When it is possible, try to provide appropriate graphic information such as photos or short videos that will help them in making decision they will never regret. For each product image, make sure that you provide images from different angles: front, back, right side, left side, top, and bottom. It will provide better help than ever if your user can use 360o view for each item.
The following two points about product marketing should also become your consideration when you are looking for the most efficient strategy in the fastest possible way:

1. All information must come at the best place, the best time, and best proportion. Give all relevant information, but keep them from becoming too excessive.
2. When you feel this strategy is necessary, provide complementary item for some products that you believe will boost the sale. It may not become too profitable from financial consideration, but it will undoubtedly gain trust and interest from your customer.