CardFi-world’s first iBeacon Business Card

These CardFi’s will have you switching in your traditional business card with a new and evolved digital revolution. So how does it work?

CardFi is an iBeacon integrated device and mobile application, allowing you to use either one or both, as they carry the same ID. The ID is on demand and you are able to activate it anytime you want to exchange your business card. CardFi has been designed to improve your networking efforts, for example when you are at a seminar or exhibition you can leave it on all the time so people can find you and learn about you. CardFi is revolutionary as it works as an iBeacon integrated business card and cloud contact manager.

The iBeacon card is designed to take away the hassle out of time consuming paperwork, delays, proofing and re-proofing, errors and amendments and high costs associated with low run orders.

What happens when you turn on your card? People in your proximity will receive a notification with your details, they request to exchange business cards and once you confirm the exchange would be successful. CardFi enables you to save the location and time of whom you’ve met. CardFI has been designed and developed with easy to manage features such as adding notes and reminders on each contact you add and it can also be synced with all other contact services such as Google. Linkedin, Outlook and many more platforms, for increased efficiency.

CardFi can be used as your office, restaurant, shop or any other locations’ Business Card. When someone enters your location they automatically get a notification that includes your company’s details directly into their smart phone, save your business directly to your ‘clients’ contacts.

What if I change jobs? Or my phone number? Don’t worry changing your details is as easy as 1,2,3 just head to the mobile app or cloud platform and you’re good to go.