Choosing a perfect domain name that will bring success for your business

It is critical to have the right domain name for your business, but before you choose the one you think as the best option, the following options are worth for your focus.

There should be no difference between your domain and website name

It is the fact we should face that some of us may question my decision to put this topic as the first thing you should consider before choosing the domain name. However, do you ever realize the condition we face that there are still some business owners who name their business domain after specific term that has relevance with their business? Both names are entirely different and yet they still choose to use it.

It is important to name your website after your domain name. The name may vary, but from the simplest reason you can learn that most people will only believe they are visiting the right place if they find there is no difference between website and domain name. We know this name as URL or Uniform Resource Locator.

Both your domain and website name should be unique as well. Have you ever heard some cases where companies lost their sale just because their website name is similar to other businesses? Let’s take an example. Imagine that you are running a haute-couture fashion business, and you want to name your website as At the beginning, you thought that you have given unique identity to your website. However, after few weeks or months later, you later discovered that there are some websites that use the similar name as your domain. They name it with,,, and other similar names. With these similar names on the network, it is likely that you will lose your visitors candidate. Instead of visiting your website, people will go to the other websites with similar domain as you have, even though they may initially want to go to your website. Once you lose your visitors, soon you will start to lose your potential profit.

Today, when internet has touched almost all spots of our live, people turn to the internet whenever they need information. If we speak about business, it only means one thing: whenever people search specific information that has relevance with your business, they should know only one thing. They should understand that whenever they search for the information, your place is the only and best place to come.

You have understood the fact and reasons you should get the appropriate domain. However, what if you cannot find the perfect one? What will happen then?
Responsibility is crucial in business, including in finding the perfect domain name for your business. It will totally depend on your commitment whether you will get the proper name or not. With all features the internet has today, it is easy to find the appropriate business domain you need, but once again we must realize the fact: it will depend on how robust your commitment is. Try WHOIS information to check the whether your domain is unique or not. If the domain exists, you can try whether to find another unique domain or persuade the current owner to hand the domain over to you. Of course, the second option will require you to pay an amount of money to the current owner.

Generic or Brand Domain Name?    

I am not sure to tell you which one is better than the remaining option. In some cases, generic brand will drive you much traffic which means high popularity and profit, as well. However, if you want people to know about your particular product, instead of its generic name, I will suggest you to take specific domain name. It becomes more crucial than ever to take particular brand name instead of generic name because it will help your visitor in identifying and remembering your business. Your business is unique, not general. Keep it in your mind.

Short or Long Domain Names

The critical point about giving domain name to your business is to let people know about your business, identify, and finally remember it. Without these aspects at present, you cannot expect even the good. standard result to come. So, when you heard it, what comes to your mind to overcome this problem, especially when we talk whether to choose long or short domain names?

If we want to get the precise answer, we should talk about people’s psychology. Under typical circumstances, we ‘refuse’ to remember something if we do not like the name. While each of us may come with our own parameter of the subject or cause  we like, I believe everyone agrees one universal fact. Whether we like a name or not, the result will depend on the number of characters that build a name. It is easier to remember short name than the long name. That is the real fact we should deal in this case. We are not talking about character’s optimization. We are talking about the useful amount of characters that not only will help people in remembering our business identity, but also make it easy to enter at the address bar. Since we bring it into domain registration niche, I strongly recommend you to choose short domain name for your website with twenty characters as the maximum character count.

Hyphenated Names?

This subject has become a hot discussion for quite a long time, even for domain registration experts. Here are some critical points about hyphenation you should carefully consider before choosing whether to use it for your domain name or not.

1. Disadvantages

a. People quickly forget hyphen when they type a URL. Adding the hyphen to your business domain will only lead people to leave your website and visit your competitor’s website
b. When your visitors found great benefits from your website, they may likely recommend it to other people they know. When they speak with their friends and discuss your website, your hyphens will bring disaster instead of new visitors. URL without hyphens has no different with URL with hyphens. So, instead of visiting your website, your new visitors will likely visit your competitor’s site or get 404-page errors.
c. You need more time to type it than without hyphens

2. Advantages

a. Search engines, such as Google and Big, will provide the good result to you after distinguishing your website. As the result, you will get a better place in the search result page than you currently have.
b. Internet experts predict that we may not be able to see non-hyphenated form any longer. At least, if your URL use hyphens, you can still keep yourself clear from this condition.
If I deliver my opinion in this matter, I believe I am the one who will try the best I can to avoid hyphens in my URL. However, that is only my opinion. You are free to choose your own stance.

Plural, “My”, and “The” Forms of Website Domain Name

If you ever tried to register your domain name, you may ever deal with a condition when domain name you want is no longer unique. There is someone else who registered the domain before you do the same. In this case, your domain name registrar will eventually give you another alternative domain name of the entry you typed. For example, if you want to read, but someone has already taken it, there are some possible alternatives your registrar will offer to you, such as:, and other similar suggestions.
The only question for you is: should you take it?

If you willing to take my opinion, I believe that “the” and “my” forms are not the best shot you get. If fact shows that you have nothing except both forms, you must remember that your site promotion should take the full form of the domain. Unless you do that, people will always forget they should put the “the” or ”my” when they want to visit your website. The result is as clear as my words. They will visit your another website or face 404 page error instead of your place. The solution is clear. Whenever you want to promote your website, use your URL instead of its name. For example, if your domain name is The Best Car Rental, then you should always help it with, instead of “Best Car Rental” (without the article).
At the other side, I also will never recommend you to taking the plural form for your domain name. If you cannot get “,” you should never consider to taking the “” as the alternative form. My reason is quite simple. Many people fail in typing the ‘s’ alphabet when a website with a single word contains ‘s’ in the address.

.com, .org, .net, and similar forms
One common question that I believe you also have ever encountered is whether you should use “.com,” “.net,” “.org” and other similar domains including country-specific top level domain, such as .id, .de, .sg, .nu, and other similar domains.

The fact is you cannot expect to have a direct answer for this question. Each place has its own regulation about which domain form to use. Personally, I would like to conclude the solution in my own way. You should use the country-specific TLD if you set local people as your target. However, if you want to develop your business to global scale, the best recommendation I have is using global domain. In this case, it would be .com domain as the most famous domain we have today. Yes, everything is about competition. Today, it is not only about which domain you like the most, but also about how it will help your business. If you cannot get any benefit, you have my recommendation to trying another domain with different target level.