Choosing the Right SEO Keywords: One of the Best Business Solutions

SEO keywords research

Say you already have the website for your business. Perhaps your next question will be:

“How will I be able to become known to many users?”

“How will they know my website even exists?”

“How will I become visible on Google?”

Basically, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the answer to all your questions. SEO makes you visible on Google and even give you a rank among your other competitors. Web design companies in Dubai, like us, Dow Group, give this kind obusiness solutions in Dubai and Lebanon; alongside other solutions like Domain Registration and HostingE-commerce Marketing ServicesCopywriting Services and more.

Moreover, in this article, we will give you effective tips on making use of SEO and take advantage of its positive effects on your website.

Using SEO, and the right SEO ‘keywords’ can guarantee you that your website will be seen and optimized on Google.

First, you have to identify your product.

You have to answer the question, “What solutions can this product give to someone?” not merely “What is this product all about?”

Once you know the true value of your product, you can now list down all the keywords that you think will pop-out from your customer’s minds. This is called a buyer’s persona; and in here, you have to take time to simulate a buyer’s perspective towards your product, to come out with the right keywords that you can use for SEO optimization. Choose the keywords that you think your buyers will ask whenever they are searching for products such as yours. You can run surveys, to help you garner information about knowing your buyer’s perspective.

Second, is to stand out from the rest (competitors)

Choosing the right words and phrases for your keywords is not enough if you want to gain a rank on Google; because more likely, your other competitors are doing the same thing. That’s why you have to conduct intensive research.

Use tools such as:

Keyword Tool and SEO Book’s Keywords Research Tool – they are both free and helpful to know the right long-tail keywords that you should use (the ones that are more than 3 words).

Google Trends Tool, on the other hand, lets you know what’s the trending and hot searches in your area. Your goal is to find long-tail keywords that your consumers usually use when they are searching on Google.

Last is to have a valuable content.

Choosing the best keywords is merely the first step, and using these keywords to come up with high-quality content comes next. Your content should still be focused on giving solutions to all your consumers’ problems. If they find your content useful and helpful, there’s a big chance that they will share it and it can become visible, too, on other search engines and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

This is also the reason why we said to do researches or surveys that can let you gain information about your customer’s perspective, or the problems they are experiencing – because through your content, with the use of right keywords – you can help them alleviate their problems, and this can make them stay as your faithful reader and viewer of your website.

And if you need any help regarding SEO, we, at Dow Group, will solve your problems for you and we can help in generating your leads through our organic SEO services.