Create an Engaging Blog User Experience

Visual content make the text seem easy on the eyes and not so plain and boring. Although you might think of Pinterest when you think of card designs and that’s probably why it is effective to add visuals to you posts.
These card designs help marketers showcase multiple pieces of content in a visually appealing way. It is easier for readers to scan through different cards rather than scrolling down a long list of blog idea.
Ever noticed you clicking on article posted on a social media site? And ever noticed why you’ve done so? Well it’s those little article images that caught your attention and enggaged you.

2. Responsive design 

What’s all the hype on responsive sites about? Well times are changing thanks to our smart phones. Many of us read blog content on the go, while hanging around for someone or on our way on public commute.
According to Google 79% of Users who do not like what they find on a mobile site will look for the information they need on another site.
52% of users who have a bad mobile experience will most likely discontinue engaging with a company.
When your mobile website is responsive users will most likely stay engaged and have a better user experience as they don’t need to leave your site to go to another user-friendly site. Our web design company develop all types of responsive website design that gives users a great experience.

3. Personalize content 

People will not read your content if the topic does not interest them, so make sure your content is personalised so that the people visiting your site continue to find your content interesting to them and relevant.
Personalising a blog is much more than nice design benefits as you give users a better experience by engaging them immediately and showing them targeted content.

4. Storytelling 

A blog post has changed from just a plain informative blog post to a blog post that is all about creating a user friendly experience for site visitors.
Think of interactive elements that will capture your audiences’ attention and incorporate them into your blog post design, they could be special graphics, infographics or videos. Use these elements to publish a blog post that leans more towards storytelling, keeping visitors engaged.