Creativity & Innovation: What are they? How do they link?

Today, I am going to introduce two essential concepts in Business that you need to acknowledge and foster at your workplace.

Simply put, creativity is the process of generating new ideas that requires open mindedness, thinking outside the box and a wide imagination.
However, being creative does not mean being a dreamer!
If creative ideas remain inside a person’s mind, no impact is obtained.
The importance of the link between Creativity & Innovation
– Creativity is thinking up – new ideas

– Innovation is doing new things

In other words, Innovating means implementing creative, non-traditional ideas

How can creativity be enhanced at work?
•    Managers must allow open communication and free thinking
•    Embrace change and fresh ideas instead of refuting them instantly
•    Give employees a space to express themselves and keep them updated on critical issues

At last, great ideas should be recognized, rewarded and celebrated…

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