Credibility Testing to boost online selling

To continue on testing assuring value to your sales letter for increasing sales, you are prompt to use more targeted testing. As such and as you start increasing your bottom line sales with “Testing everything, assuming nothing” in mind, you are confronted with two featured measuring tests:

Test #6: Add credibility to your copy--and enhance your visitors' trust in you.

Several ways to enhance the credibility of your sales copy, the thing that stands vital for your visitors to come to trust you and feel comfortable enough to buy from you. Two of which are the quickest and easiest.
One of the best ways to establish your credibility is to include customer testimonials in your sales letter rather than customer appraisal of your product. These should be excerpts from genuine e-mails or letters from customers expressing how your product or service helped solve the particular problem they faced. 
You can also enhance your credibility by adding a section to your copy that outlines your credentials, experience and any background information that makes you the only and best person qualified to solve your target audience's problem and by that offering the most effective solution possible. 

Test #7: Focus on your site visitors--not yourself.

The golden rule for the most successful sales strategy is to focus on the reader rather than on what you achieved for him/her. Look carefully at your sales copy and try searching for "I," "me" and "our" in it and replace them with "you" and "your."

Why don’t you carry on this package of enhancements to your website with Dow Group from enhancing your visitors’ trust in you through highlighting their testimonials or your credentials, to focusing more on what they achieved from your service not who did it for them to eventually increase your sales exponentially in a Dow Group endorsed website creation?