Customer-Centric copywriting and four things you should concern

If you want to write highly-successful copywriting articles, there are various aspects you should put in your priority list. However, there is one important copywriting fact I bet you have never expected before. Do you realize that even though we name this activity as ‘copywriting’ the real strategy you should implement to write the best copy has no relevance at all with writing? 

Through this post, you will soon realize that the best way to write your copywriting with the best high-quality impact is about how you prepare everything in your head.

Customer-centric copywriting
Before we proceed to further parts of this post, I must remind you the crucial point of copywriting once again: copywriting is not all about writing. In fact, you should put your customers as the central point in your mind. In accordance with your customers, we must create a bridge amid our definitions of customers. If you choose to work as the copywriter, your customers are not your client. You must understand that the true customers who will get benefits from your article is your client’s customers.

Therefore, before placing the words on the paper, we must first know relevant information about our customers, including their pain points, shopping behavior, product or service preference, and other valuable information that may have relevance to our content. In accordance with learning our clients, we should also determine whether our client is the one who purchases the product or not. You should also learn, at the other side, whether your clients also the one who receive the marketing message you put in your content or not. It is crucial to get this information. So, until you grab them, it is important to hold the writing time unless you can grab information you need from your client who might have previously stored the data. 

Yes, it may sound simple, but fact reveals that there are still many businesses which fail to write appropriate marketing content just because they do not understand what their customers need. That is the reason, no matter which kind of business you run, it is always crucial to learn your customers. Instead of framing your business marketing message from your point of view as the owner, you should use your customer’s point of view to create the message. This way, I guarantee that you can increase the effectiveness of your customer-centric copy deliverable.

Prioritize your Customers
If you understand the truth of becoming a real business owner, then you should realize that your business is not the crucial one even when you have done all the best efforts you get. In fact, it is your customers who stand as the critical aspect of all businesses. That is the reason whenever you read references, all of them will strongly suggest you to stand at your customer’s side if you want to grow your business. Well, of course, it is not just standing at their side. You should also learn how they act, think, consider, and decide. Per my own experience, there is no better way to grab this information than talk directly with them and ask them to say how they respond to business. 

If you do my recommendation, I can only guarantee one absolute thing: you are not far away from the best possible way for being the best business copywriter. 
So, what is exactly my recommendation you can use?

1. You have done great things, but this time you should stop acting for being you!
As I have said, there is nothing more important in your business than your customers. Even when you stand as the business owner, your customers are still the crucial point of your business. That is the reason I start my recommendation with these points: read, think, and act like your customers. Yes, at the beginning, it would become a difficult thing to do, but as the time goes, you will learn to overcome the difficulties and transform them into your benefits. 
Yes, you also need to have enough patience before you can pass through this step. Without enough patience, I even doubt you to do the following actions:
• You should speak directly to your customers and talk everything just about them
• You should earn their trust and empathize it
• You should create a compelling marketing offer which they will never forget to take
So, I remind you once again: first thing that comes to every customer-centric copywriter is how they focus on their customers and not on themselves even though they found it as recommendations from their friends or someone they can trust.

2. Do you know any problem your customers may have?
There is one fundamental rule of human need: we will purchase a product we think as the solution of our problem. It happens to everyone. That is the reason if you are looking to transform your ordinary copywriting article to an ultimate marketing content, you should start with understanding the problem your customers have. Well, we are not talking about any problem. We are talking about ‘profitable’ problem. Just like lead conversion in digital marketing, you need to find a problem at your customer’s side which you believe will generate profit once you have a solution for it. 
Now, the question you have is: how you can get the information about the problem?
You should talk directly to your customers if you want to get the real answer. Ask them about their problem and how serious it is.
Here we come to the critical part when we want to understand our customer’s mindset. At this stage, there are two-message stages you should accomplish before you can start crafting the idea. 
First, you must ‘help’ your customers in recognizing and addressing problem they do know they have. 
Second, you should show to your customers that you have a product they need to fix their problem. Deliver this idea while you are having the conversation and do not forget to connect both idea naturally.

3. Talk their talk
When you choose to stand at the same side as your customer stands, it also means you should also adopt their life, including words they use. The following two examples may brief you about my point:
• An office furniture manufacturing company may sell ‘panel systems’ to their customers, but when the customers only know their product as ‘cubicles,' then they are selling cubicles instead of panel systems
• A landscape company will only lose their customers if they insist on using ‘enhancement service’ for their offer, even though their customers believe the company offers ‘landscaping’ service.
If I use simple words to describe the problem, I will come with this sentence: if you choose to insist on your words instead of your customers’ words, there is only one thing you will face. Not only you will face destruction from SEO perspective, but also a communication problem, as well as bad business rank. Well, I must also admit that our customers may come with totally-different terms as our business may use, but as long as it has relevance with our service, it does not matter to use their terms. The critical point is they pay respect to the service. 

4. Know your ideal customer
You may have found someone who get interested with your product or service, but it does not mean they immediately want to purchase your product or service. Before you get the wrong assumption, I strongly recommend you to figuring out the ideal customer for your business and how the market will adopt to your decision. In accordance with this subject, you must also have sufficient data about whether you make contact with the person as the decision maker or end-user? If the contact occurs with end-user, does he/she have the ability to influence the decision maker?
Only once you have gained all relevant information you need, you can start crafting your business message accordingly.
If you still cannot get the appropriate supporting information you need, try the following questions. I believe they can help you:
• What are your challenges, pains, and problems at present?
• Is there anything today or in the past that keeps you awake at night?
• Is there any product you want that you believe will improve your life quality?
• What do you need from a company? A solution, service, or product?
• How do you react to companies’ offer? Is there any offer from any manufacturer you like?
• We are a company, and we have an offer for you. Have you ever heard whether about our company or product?

The whole process may look simple, but have you been in the process?
Our natural habits often become our weak points, and that happens in the business world. Most companies come with good capabilities in explaining which product or service their customers need, but fact shows that most of them come with severe abilities in what they should do to grab their customer’s attention and a reason they should care.
Well, you may have guessed which direction this closing sentence will go. If you have a significant concern on becoming a successful copywriter, you must start thinking about your customers. I have provided the four important things you should concern and for your own good, you should never forget even one of them.