Do you need audio branding?

In the world, we live today; continuous partial attention has become a lifestyle both its presence and impact we cannot deny. Various business studies have confirmed this fact. So, what does a continuous partial attention mean?

There are different paths in describing continuous partial attention, but we can use the simplest one. Continuous partial attention is moment when we ‘choose’ to focus on different sources of information. Well, I do not say you have walked on the lost path unless we choose to do everything at the same time, even though we do it only at superficial level. 
This condition may go worse than we can expect if we put the fact that its sister, attention span, also has been shrinking for at least 14 years.
Now, with both these facts, I bet you have seen the importance of turning all consumers you have as touch point.

As your customers tune out the excess trigger you delivered to them through various media channels, competitive advantages will only flow to businesses that use multisensory approaches to place and emphasize the role of their business brand in the core of their customers’ life.

While there are many important aspects you need to deploy in order to produce these multisensory approaches, music stands as the crucial part of it. Let’s think about sound as background or even filler music. Fact shows we still get many people who live in the belief of music as something they love to hear, we who live in the business world know there is something behind the tones. It is not only about the harmony of the sounds, but also about something greater than that. Like other resources, only when we come proper way, we can optimize a sound to give ultimate message of our corporate branding, and the best thing is, once we delivered the message, it will never leave from the bottom of your customers’ heart.

Enter the Gate of Audio Branding
If you learn further about audio branding, you will learn there are many similarities between it and visual branding. Audio branding stands as our way in giving distinctive and remarkable chance for our business at every touch point, but this is not enough even though we cannot deny its importance. That is the reason we need to add more character and meaning than just its ‘standard personality.’ That is the moment when our audio branding will help us in connecting not only our customers, but also everyone on the profound level. In fact, if we do it correctly, audio branding will help us in building a strong relationship between the company and customers. 

Business world knew audio branding for the first time even before the world knows licensing popular music or jingles. Until today, we define audio branding as business discipline when we use unique proprietary music and sound to make unique characteristic of our corporate branding in audio form. 
It is easy to make sound, but it needs strong willingness to create an audio branding that will turn to ultimate tool for your business. You should create a powerful and autonomous structure that will tell everyone the unique value and identity of your business. 

Before you create your audio branding, make sure you will create no ordinary corporate brand in audio form, but the ultimate tool that will set your customers as touchpoints of your company. Each touch point must serve as a helpful resource you need to build the firm relationship with your customers. All resources you have in the office must come as aid during the process. You must ensure that each supply you involve during the process will strengthen your relationship with your customers. 

I must remind you one important thing regarding your audio brand. Not all people come as auditory type. It means some people may become responsive with the particular sound while other people may not be receptive with your audio message. Therefore, it is always important to learn about your customers’ content and audio preference before you give the word. Do not worry about finding resources that can help you with this cause. YouTube, Flip chart, Facebook, and other social media are great places where you can find excellent contents and learning materials. People at these platforms come from different backgrounds, origins, needs, and other segments. The more you can learn at these channels, the more guarantee I can give to you on your imminent success.

Now, after watching and listening to several videos and clips, you must realize something: different texture, melody, frame, rhythm, instrumentation, color, light and other subjects deliver different personality, distinctiveness, meaning, and other valuable information to people. Those differences should have taught you the crucial thing in audio branding: each audio delivers the unique message to each of your lovely customers who spend their time to listen to it. 

Even though many studies have revealed important role audio branding plays for your business, many companies choose to see audio branding with only one eye. Many companies choose to care only about their visual brand. Well, I must say it is a pity because if they realized, their audio branding can achieve various things they cannot deliver with their visual branding. 

I realize it is never easy to create the perfect audio brand for your company. That is the reason I make this list. It contains several important questions which I hope will help you in making the perfect audio brand for your office.
• Is the use of your audio brand coherent across different touch points?
• How do your customers respond over your audio brand?
• Do you have one universal and recognizable sound inside your audio brand?
• How efficient your audio brand in delivering your message?
• Which music or sound you use for the audio brand? Are they up to date?
• What value your customers get after listening to the audio brand?
• What about your competitors? Do they use audio brand for their office, as well? If so, how effective do they use it?
• How many resources do you get working on your communication materials? We speak both internal and marketing communication materials
• What do your staffs think about your audio brand?
• Do you have something that will guide during the process of creating your audio brand?
• What are your expectations? 
• You want audio brand for your office. If I may suggest, you need people to hear it, not see it. So, why do not ask them to close their eyes and tell everything they can ‘catch’ from the clip?