Dow Group at the Most-Awaited GITEX Technology Week 2018

Today marks the beginning of the 5-Day GITEX Technology Week that takes place in the Dubai World Trade Centre. Starting from October 14 up to October 17, 2018 – it’s one of the most awaited events of this year because showcased in this event are the most advanced technologies and drives in the era of digital transformation.

In the said event, there are over 4,473 exhibitors that came from 97 countries. But what are focused on the exhibition are the major technological sectors namely: Smart Manufacturing, Internet of Things, AR and VR, and Smart Cities.

All the guests and attendees will be able to learn about many things regarding the current state of modern technology and how it affects the lives of the people – how it makes things easy, convenient, and fast.

In the event, there are talks that people can attend for free – and with this, learning will also flow abundantly to all attendees.

Moreover, since this is a good opportunity for all businesses to partake in, Dow Group also took a part in this well-known event.

Dow Group is a prominent web design and web development company in Dubai – with its main office situated in Lebanon. Dow Group has been joining the GITEX Technology event ever since 2012 and flaunts the world-class digital services that they can offer including Web DesignWeb DevelopmentCorporate BrandingMobile Application DevelopmentSEO, and many others.

Dow Group is situated in stand number X2 at Zaabel all 6. Along with the other leaders in digital marketing, Dow Group has since long been imposing their skills, talents, and professionalism in the aforementioned field. Dow Group has been in the industry for over 18 years already – long enough to gain a reputable position in the market and recognized brand in the industry.

At Dow Group, you will be able to see updated and modern business solutions that can make an enterprise’s business grow and flourish more. Whatever you need for digital marketing, you can acquire at Dow Group.

If you find the time to visit Dow Group, please do so and we are anticipating to be in your presence for the next couple of days of the GITEX Technology Week!