Easy social media marketing tips for your company

At old times, we used to focus at advertising as the only marketing strategy for our business. We used to think only about television, newspaper, magazine, brochures, and other printed publications as the only media where we can deliver information about our product or service to public. However, almost everything had changed when the world as we know today met with internet for the first time. Many people are no longer spend most of their time in a day in front of television or radio as well as reading newspapers, magazines, and other published materials. Today, internet has become our new environment where we meet each other. Almost everything happens on the network, including business itself. Instead of focusing only on these ‘almost-outdated’ marketing strategies, businesses have their tendency in using social media marketing as the promising, yet alternative marketing solution. 

Internet and social media have proven themselves as undeniable challenges to a business world. Whether you may like or dislike it, we cannot refuse their presence and how they will change the whole face of the business world. Businesses should fit social media and use it for the good of the company or else they will present only imminent failure to the office. 
Another fact you should know about social media is its crucial role in leveraging existing networks you get. This is a simple benefit, but you should never doubt how its effectiveness in reaching your marketing content, providing test ground for your marketing campaigns, and other relevant benefits.

Well, social media marketing is never a science, but it does not mean you cannot perform measurable analysis on the subject. There are multiple factors you should recognize, control, and manage. Each of them pays great contribution to your marketing and determine whether it will stay flat or become a market hit. 
I have come with some simple, applicable, and helpful tips to boost your social media marketing.

1. There is always (that is the fact in business) the best time to share your message
Business experts found that when you post your marketing content at optimal times, it will give the optimum impact to your audience. There is no optimum time to deliver your marketing message because it actually depends on each person. However, some studies tried to predict the duration, and they come with the following result for each social network:
• Twitter: 1-3 pm
• Facebook: 1-4 pm
• Pinterest 8-11 pm
• Google+: 9-11 am
• Instagram 5-6 pm

2. Put a test on your social network to assess which message delivers the best impact to your customers
You are going to deliver messages that will have high impact on social media. That is the important point. However, since everyone gets his/her definition of a perfect marketing message, you need to make sure that your message will at least reach the basic idea. You need to make the preliminary test and measure the impact. If you only give one marketing message through Twitter and you got the not-so-good result, you may need to re-consider your message. In fact, you are responsible for testing the variety of messages on different platforms. You must do it before you post them on the networks because different social media will give you the different effect, especially when you aim it for various segments.
You will be able to see different response on each sample message you deliver, including which structure and language do your audience prefers. The same test will also teach you about how to extend the lifetime of your message. 

3. Unique message for each social network
Each social media platform is unique not only because its platform, but also its audience as well as its qualities. These are the first parameters you should concern. Failure to provide your detailed focus on individual characteristics of each platform will only guarantee the failure of your marketing message. It will never deliver your idea as well as reach your audience. At the contrary, if you give your best effort to learn this subject, you have grown your chance in reaching your audiences with the right message and at the right time.
Twitter, for example, demands its users to deliver conscience, but compelling content. Sometimes, you can try the most-common method in connecting with your audiences on Twitter: image attachment.
If you love Facebook to do your strategies, the platform has its unique algorithms you should know. The system will show you how great you can expect the impact of your article. There are, of course, other possible areas this code affects, but it is undoubtedly crucial to memorize that this system guarantees low traction for any office that requests like or comments. In addition to this effect, you must also ensure that you have included relevant image or photo to your post. 

4. Re-purpose your great content
You have learned one fact about social media platform: each of them has its diverse audience. As the result, you can treat each of them as a distinct channel which will help you in re-purposing and sharing marketing content you have. If you write a blog post that gives high impact both on Facebook, Twitter, or maybe both of them, you may consider to creating its alternative version in infographics which you can share on SlideShare a Pinterest as well as video content for Instagram and YouTube. These are necessary steps you should take when you realized the presence of content-marketing gaps in your calendar.
If you found message you delivered has the great impact on particular social network, do not think you will make a wrong decision if you choose to deliver the same message to other social media platform. The attention duration of your followers on social media probably goes quick. If you share the message on Twitter at 6.30 am, 2 pm and 10 pm, it has only minor chance for your audience to see each of those messages. You must realize that each piece of your message has its lifecycle. Therefore, you must make sure you will not cut it short just because you are paranoid of annoying your audiences. 

5. Involve your audience in generating new ideas for your marketing
Social media is not only great place you can share your message, but also amazing place you can get incredible ideas. You should remember that a successful business does not only involve all resources it gets within the office, but also the environment that surrounds the activities. It means your clients, business partners, and the crucial player is: your audience. If you are out of a fresh idea, ask your readers for the idea. Ask your audiences about specific content plan that will raise their interest. Request input from your audience about their particular, personal experiences. These are precious resources you can use to make a compelling content. In addition, you can also add their feedback and comments in your video or blog post.
There are some applications which have implemented this strategy, and none of them ended in failure. Nexalogy, for example, is an application that provides a unique map of specific content your audiences are currently talking, offering bright inspiration you can use in creating your content. At the other side, uberVU through Hootsuite becomes a useful tool you can use in providing deep insight on both habits and interests of your followers which are your helpful guide towards a successful content and social media marketing.

The Real Reason You should have Thorough Strategy of Social Media Marketing

You have gotten the tips, but it is not enough. You must get actual plan to implement those tips. Ashley Brookes, a marketing executive for HootSuire’s content and brand strategy, suggests companies to start looking their marketing goals. Are you going to increase the number of new members? Do you want to reduce customer complaints? It is crucial to set the goals because it is only after determining the goals, and you can make your strategy by looking to your audience, recognizing their needs, and making appropriate content you believe will fulfill their needs.
“Grab your agenda. Make your marketing plan. Decide strategies you should take to achieve your monthly, quarterly, and annual goal. You have identified and determined the specific objectives of your marketing strategy. Now, consider yourself as your customers. What are you looking?”
Ashley described, “Based on your customers’ pain points and needs, you must start planning out your strategies that show you which offer you should make to meet your customers’ need and solve all problems they get.