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The Effect of Mobile Page Speed on your Ranking and UX

Recently, Google announced that page speed will be one of the factors that can affect your ranking on mobile search which will start in July. Page speed is important for UX ( user experience ) and in order to achieve fast-loading pages, you will need to work with companies like us, Dow Group, to conduct mobile development services for you to make your mobile version as responsive as your desktop version.

And since Google has also introduced “Mobile-First Index”, it is imperative for brands to make sure that their mobile page speed is enhanced. Their mobile versions must be navigable and responsive, and they must prioritize the experience that their users will encounter when their site is visited.

As a business, improving your mobile page speed is important because:

  • Google will soon focus more on mobile searches – therefore, having a navigable mobile site with intelligent content will allow you to be recognized by Google. With that being said, your traffic will grow and your ranking will be optimized at the same time.
  • Google has added page speed in their algorithm because of the bounce rates it had before along with unsatisfactory user experiences. Hence, now that it is added in the algorithm, you will be obliged to do whatever is needed to make your mobile version speedy and navigable along with your desktop version; and with that being said, your users will be satisfied when they use your mobile version.
  • We are already in a ‘mobile-first’ world. It’s such a common sense to know that with people using their mobile devices almost for every necessity they require, you should also consider being visible on their mobile device – be there whenever and wherever they will need your products and services.

And here’s how you can prepare for this change from Google:

  • Give your users informative content – give them a reason to come back to your sites over and over, especially when they need it.
  • Make your site as fast as possible and make sure that the loading page is as quick as it has to be. Users tend to leave a site when it’s taking too long to load – and this will be bad for your brand’s reputation.
  • Have a strong call to action – meaning create your content truly persuading so that once your users enter your site, they will avail whatever you are offering. Make sure that your users find that CTA quickly.



With Google’s statement about page speed being a factor for mobile, it’s now time for you to develop the mobile version of your site. And in doing so, you can ask help from us, Dow Group Business Solutions, the leading Web Design and Web Development Company in Dubai, and we will gladly aid you in this endeavor. Permit us to make your mobile site enhanced with fast-loading pages and make it navigable to improve the user experience.