Eight crucial points you should never forget about SEO


Today, when business competition has become ferocious, it leaves no place for businesses with standard quality, resources, strategies, and everything. The only key to reach success is by winning the game, and the only way to win the competition is by optimizing all resources you have. It includes both internal and external resources of your business. While each company may have different internal resources, there is one external resource that will determine the future of business: internet.

If you still believe that internet is only a common place where you search information, read news, log into social media account, read and compose e-mail, and watching videos, then I am sure that you do not know the system at all. Even though its primary feature stands as one-stop information center, there is something you can do with the network than just its standard features. When it comes to business, you can optimize the internet to drive people to come to your place. There is only one questioning problem we have: which feature we should optimize for this purpose?

Search engine optimization should first come to your mind about network optimization niche. It is a simple business strategy, yet it guarantees an ultimate success to your business, but only if you do it well. The following eight crucial points about search engine optimization should give you clear view about what SEO looks like and how you can optimize it for the good of your business.

Similarities between a cake and your business

Search engine optimization is not difficult. There are many simple analogies that will help you in understanding the true nature of SEO methods, its detailed procedures, and how it affects your business. A simple cake-and-SEO analogy, for example, describes everything you should understand about this network optimization. Any part of your website except your website content, such as paid or natural search, links, and social media act in the similar way as the icing of the cake. At the other side, your content holds the critical role as the sugar of the cake itself. It gives the taste to the whole combination, and your cake will turn to tasteless and uninteresting without this sugar part.

How search engines work?

Search engine like Google, Bing does its essential function by searching content on the internet based on user’s custom search. It puts a significance as the core function of search engine optimization. So, how the network, which is a machine, determines relevance between content and user’s custom search?
There are some SEO-based critical points that keep relevance between content and user’s custom search at the highest level:

1. Content

In determining significance level between user’s custom search and website content, search engine learns correlation among four different aspects of website content: theme, text, title, and the description. The higher the relevance among all aspects, the higher chance the search engine will recommend the content to the internet user.

2. Performance

Search engine will never recommend content when the site is not working properly, even though the content may have high relevance with particular keyword user input to the search engine. This fact increases the importance of high-website performance. Keep both of these aspects in your mind: your website loading time and whether all functions are working properly or not. Even though you have high-quality content on your website, it will become useless when your audience needs a long time to access the content due to heavy load it has, or there are some basic web functions that are not working properly. Instead of getting your place at the first-search engine result page, you will get only the worst place.

3. Authority

It is important to provide only high-quality content to your customer, but it is not enough when you are going to increase the popularity of both your website and its content. Try to build a strong relationship with some authoritative websites and ask them to use your website as a reference for their content if possible. Of course, before both of you can reach this relationship, you need to show valid proof that your website is worth for their concern and trust.

4. User’s experience

Last aspect involves with user’s experience. Standard ‘rule’ of good user’s experience will involve your website appearance and navigation system. It should look as attractive as possible to raise people interest to come to your website. Once you get the interest, ensure your audience that no matter which information they need from your website, they can get it easily through easy navigation system. If your website requires any information that your customers think as personal secret, assure them that there is no place safer than your website. At last, you should also make sure that not only one audience will believe in the greatness of your website, but also everyone who ever visited your website which requires a good website design. The higher positive feedback you have on your website, the higher website bounce rate your website will get.

Information black list search engine applies

Search engine uses a web crawling technology we know as spiders. However, even though web spiders are part of the network itself, it has limited data storage that limits its ability in storing website data. In order to increase the data storage efficiency as well as website indexing, these spiders will only index high-quality websites and puts any website which do not meet its requirement into its black list. If you want to keep your website away from this black list, try to make sure that none of the following three aspects make presence on your website:

1. Keyword stuffing

Keyword optimization is the simplest and fastest way to increase the popularity of your article, but beware of its threat. Once you cannot control its distribution in your article, it will suddenly turn to keyword stuffing which is one of the worst nightmares in SEO world. Keep your keywords distribution as efficient as possible, unless you want to get the nightmare.

2. Purchased links

Search engine optimization only works when you do it naturally and follow all rules search engine provider has set. Content with link is one part of the rule. When you feel that several links in your article may help to increase its popularity, you can put those links. However, please keep their amount as efficient as possible. Do not put too much link because not only your content will look terrible, but also its real meaning will become too blurry.

3. Wrong user’s experience

Your website involves with various complicated things and processes it needs to improve user’s experience quality. However, once you feel that you are more than ready to run the website on the network, there is one crucial thing that stands in front of you. All websites should stay as simple as possible for all audiences, including your customers, business clients, partners, and other parties. Simplicity is a simple door that will directly lead your business to success by increasing the website bounce rate, as well as user’s experience. Your website does not need to contain all information your readers need, but keep it simple, attractive, and engaging so people will stay as long as possible at your website and contact you when they need further assistance with information they search.

Your business model

Most business owners or even website designers choose to skip this subject. They believe that they have completed this matter far before they build the website, but do you realize that when someone choose to skip ‘easy’ subject, he or she have started he, or she own failure? You may consider this matter as something you can easily skip, but have you get answers for the following question?
• How do you define a web conversion?
• What does your website sell: eyeballs/impression or everything that rises people’s attention?
• How do you choose and describe your business goals?
• How good you know both your business liabilities and its assets?

Multi-channel optimization

When you ask for a second opinion from business which have previous experiences in SEO methods, most of them will recommend you to focus on on-site implementation of Search Engine Optimization. Well, they told you the truth about SEO, but unluckily they do not tell you the whole truths. The real benefit of SEO lies on both its on-site and off-site implementation. It gives you the clear reason to perform a multi-channel optimization, instead of the single one. Unlike the conventional single-channel optimization, multi-channel optimization involves various communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, LinkedIn, e-mail, radio, television, magazine, and other publication methods.
It may turn to a complicated thing for you and your business, but it will stay only at the early stage. Once you have mastered everything the strategy needs, not only you can improve your corporate branding, but also give your users a clear strategy about how to use a particular phrase to search any information they want on your website.

Consistency with business domain name

A business website, as well as all websites, is useless when you cannot run it on the system. Unlike building physical store for your business, designing a website for your company may become to both natural and complicated things. It may turn to the easy thing when you have already had all resources it needs to build a website you need. At the other side, it may suddenly change to an entirely different, complicated thing if you cannot find the perfect ‘address’ for your website where you can place it. An address on the internet is, however, entirely different with address we have in the real world. You need to get a domain for this website. It is a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) people can use to visit your website. It is a series of number which the network translates as the internet address, but it works the same way as the real address in the real world does.
Here are some old, but very useful practices about internet business domain that are worth for your highest concern:

• Consistent web domain

Have you ever typed a website URL which includes www, but your browser leads you to a different website which contains no www at its address? It is a typical problem on the network when the system finds two different sites with similar domain: one site contains www at its address, while the other one does not have it. If your website experiences this issue, you should immediately change your domain until it is unique. This step is crucial because any external site will randomly link to both similar addresses when they find two presences of similar website addresses. Of course, it will reduce the amount of outbound link and bounce rate of your website which determines its popularity on the internet. At Dow Group you can get the domain registration in Dubai for you business with 18 years of experience in Digital industry we suggest you the best domain names according to your business.

• Sometimes, the older domain for business you get, the better you have
On the internet, new items do no always come with the best quality. Sometimes, it is the old item that brings you the best quality or positive impact. Let’s take an example from business domain. The older domain you get, the higher popularity it has reached. Well, not all old domains can give you this advantage, but most of them do. The greatest benefit you can get is more efficient budget allocation than ever because once you have the highly popular old domain, you can save the budget you prepared previously.

• Optimizing the domain

People use keywords to find information they want.  To speed up the searching process, try to include specific, most-searched keywords in your domain. It will greatly help your audience and make your website easier to search than any website that does not apply the same policy.

Different result type optimization

It is good to have your website running on a desktop platform, but with today’s advanced technology development on mobile technology, it is never enough to run your website on a conventional platform. Make sure that your website as well as all features it has is also available for any mobile platform the world knows at present, including Android, Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, and Blackberry. You may also include some new mobile platforms, such as Tizen and offline mobile application.
Before you run your website on various platforms, make sure you have done the following important points:

• Multimedia content will attract more customer than conventional text-and-image-based content.
• The critical point to remember is search engine should be able to search and index your website, as well as its content. If you combine some PDF or Flash files with your website, make sure that you have applied the latest practices on both contents to ensure that search engine can search and index both formats.

Close attention to your metadata

Never forget to include both meta descriptions and title tags to your website, as well as to each content you post on it For better metadata optimization you can avail our SEO services in Dubai to rank your website higher in all search engines. Keep remember the following issues:
• Even though there are some studies that discovered evidences showing increasing activities of search engines in ignoring meta keywords, you still need them to keep relevance between your website and its contents as high as possible.
• Complete uniqueness should become the identity of your meta description and keep it as specific as you can for each content as well as the website itself.
• Your title tags are worth for the same treatment you give to your meta description. Keep the title around four to eight words and specific to the content as well as the website.