Email Marketing Touted to be Effective than Social Media by Some Experts

All the marketing talk these days has revolved around social media. But research shows old-fashioned emails are more effective than social media in driving business online.
A recent study from analytics company Custora has presented a report which says customer acquisition via email has increased by four times in the last four years with almost 7 percent of customer acquisitions. Organic search is touted to be the best and the most powerful acquisition channel with more than 16 percent of customers acquired, while Facebook has accounted for 4.53% of customers.
Facebook has never been cited by some of these reports to be a viable customer channel although many experts argue that it is an effective platform for driving business. A minuscule percentage of customers are known to connect and operate through Facebook. Twitter has not known to boost significant advantage too.
Customers who approach businesses via email are known to shop more and spend more. The Custora study also mentioned that the 11 percent are known to be more valuable than the average acquisition. Organic-search customers account for more than 50 percent value generation than average. Facebook customers are average acquisitions according to the report while Twitter customers are not as serious customers than the average.
Email is known with a reputation that it’s passé and does not work anymore by marketers who have tried and tested before. But according to Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave Marketing, that through email marketing is not an attractive option like Pinterest or Instagram or even the social bookmarking site Vine, it is spurring better interest and better revenue.
Jenkins argues that although social media is good customer engagement tool, it is not great to drive sales. Emails work better according to him since it is permission-based. He also says that the prevalence of smartphones will help email to be the number-one activity for all types of people too.