Event Marketing

Have you put in much thought to event marketing? We tend to shy away from event marketing, it seems a bit daunting, and what if nobody hears about it? Is it really about to happen? What if nobody shows up?  So we’ve come up with the ABC’s of event marketing. 

Planning and hosting an event takes a lot of effort, and some might think it’s not worth the hassle with already everything going on with your business.

However events are a great way to reach your audience and connect with them on a much personal level, allowing you to build a long term relationship with them. Why?  Well firstly your audience will now see you as a person and not just an organization or a business, giving your audience more focused human interaction. Secondly your audience will meet other people who also enjoy your products and services.  Events are rewarding to your audience and your business.  

So where do you start? Here are the following steps to take into consideration to create your successful event marketing plan. 

• Step 1: Why do you want to throw this event? What are you hoping to gain? What are your success measurements?
• Step 2: confirm your details and set a budget accordingly. 
• Step 3: create a dedicated website and social media accounts to get the word out. 
• Step4: what does your event entail? Plan its content. 

You might think building a relationship with your audience over social media platforms maybe enough, but meeting people face-to-face increases loyalty to you, your message, and your brand. None of us really take into consideration how important non-verbal  communication is, that’s why there are some things cannot just be communicated through writing.