Everything You Need To Know About the Importance of Domain Authority in SEO

Importance of Domain Authority in SEO

First of all, what is “Domain Authority”?

Domain authority refers to the strength of your domain name – is it powerful, popular, and widely-used?

Having a good domain authority will also lead you to get higher rankings in search engines. In other words, in SEO, domain authority is considered; and therefore, you, as a webmaster, should know how to meet that standard to optimize your website.

DA is actually developed by MOZ. They did this as a metric ranking score that can help websites have a prediction of how well they work and rank on SERPs or search engine result pages. The scoring is 1-100 – the higher the score you have, the greater the possibility of ranking you might have.

The evaluation is calculated in varied factors – linking root domains, number of total links, etc. The total DA score can help in tracing the ranking strength of your website as time passes by.

Online marketing platforms have all incorporated DA in their systems because of its importance in SEO.

For you to be able to use DA in your website, you need to know that directly influencing the DA is not as easy as you might think. It’s composed of various metrics and hence each metric affects the total DA score.

This metric is supposed to tell you how competitive your website is in Google itself – and since Google has lots of users and factors to take into account as well, the competition in ranking is just as high.

You might that you need to increase traffic, in order to get higher ranking – this can be true and with adequate effort, you can have better DA score as well.

So, where can I find DA?

DA is constructed by MOZ – you can actually use it for FREE in the Link ExplorerMozBar, or in the SERP Analysis in Keyword Explorer. If you have the time to check it soon, you can do it immediately to guarantee that your website is responsive enough and is doing well.

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