Fine-tuning to attract repeat business

Fine Tuning Testing!

Increasing the functionality of your sales letter for increasing sales prompting online visitors to come more to contacting you on products, you are expected to conduct fine tuning in testing. As such and as you start increasing your bottom line sales with “Testing everything, assuming nothing” in mind, you are confronted with one fine tuning measuring test:

Test #12: Fine-tune your follow-up process to maximize sales and attract more repeat business.

To attract more customers you have to induce them to respond more to your emails and that is best by auto responding to these new subscribers and existing customers maximizing and generating more sales and attracting more repeat business.

Often taking several contacts before someone buys from your site, an immediate follow-up after new subscribers sign up sending them on the spot and repeated emails rather than after few days is the best method to restate your offer and ask for the sale again giving them a reason to return to your site the same day they subscribe.
The same applies to existing customers developing profitable, long-term relationships with them and allowing you to offer “backend” products relating to their original purchase just upon following up with them immediately after they make a purchase against sending one three days afterwards, tests show that 30 percent of customers will buy again if they’re given the chance.

Split testing also helps to idealize your online business strategy by knowing exactly which change influenced the results, and as such it is a method that allows you to split your audience into two groups and test, and is especially for newer websites with less traffic, as it provides an excellent method for generating accurate test results no matter your level of traffic.
For a gradual fine-tuning of your sales process, testing the same sales letter or elements of it, creating another web page that’s identical to your top performing one but with a draft of that sales letter stressing on a testing mechanism from the twelve hitherto discussed, and using special testing software, you can then redirect half your customers to the old page and the other half to the new one–over exactly the same time period.

The software gives you the great advantage of testing the two different letters over the same time period without the interference of certain factors that could significantly skew your results, allowing you an excellent tracking of how many visitors go to each page and how many sales each page makes.

It’s easy to set up a few basic tests using software like WebTrends7 which allows you to go beyond split-testing and start testing a few different things at one time analyzing exactly which combination of elements works best. Others like Offermatica allow you to conduct split testing and multivariable testing, while ClickTracks allows you to track the response to your tests and understand where your visitors come from, as well as how they travel through your site.

Why don’t you carry on this package of enhancements to your website with Dow Group from fine-tuning your follow-ups maximizing sales and repeat sales, to split testing for gradually fine-tune your sales process to eventually increase your sales exponentially in a Dow Group endorsed website creation?