Five important things about e-commerce the latest world cup teaches to us

There are three simple words I can use that can help us in defining World Cup: passion, heartbreak, and sportsmanship. Every four years, the world holds one of the most-spectacular sports events we ever know: World Cup. It brings excitement to everyone, but within one month, the spectacular will be soon over. We have recently ended this year World Cup, but this World-Cup fact does not mean there is nothing we can learn from this big event. While FIFA has crowned Germany as the champion of the competition, we ourselves can become a real hero in an e-commerce business, but only if we have a willingness to learning important subjects World Cup wants to teach us.

For me as a person, there are only slight differences between e-commerce business and World Cup. The business where we live is a huge global business, and the only thing we can make a score is by staying at the top of the competition. Regardless the fact we know when e-commerce has tremendous market potential, its conversion rates drift around 3.5 percent on desktop and about 1 percent on mobile device. Like World-Cup teams that came with both offensive and defensive strategies, companies must increase their concern over their customer’s and business sale opportunities.

Within thirty days, here are some valuable lessons about e-commerce I learnt from World Cup which I believe you can use for your office, as well:

1. Advance scouting

If you are a football lover, then I bet you have already understood that this sport is not only how good a player kicks the ball, but also the thorough analysis on the game itself. Everyone with experience in this niche understands the importance of both having a broad analysis of previous game result and strategy. Similar thing happens in the e-commerce business. It is important to get the improved knowledge about how the business works, but it is never enough. The niche itself is a highly measurable one. Even though you come with all advanced assets and resources, they will turn into useless things if you cannot come with good analysis on how your customers deal with your products or services, even since the first time they land at your store or website. How do these people get to your website? How did they navigate through it? When do these people choose to bail out? Which search terms or keywords do lead these people to the most sales rate? Find out this valuable information, and you will certainly win your customer’s trust and wallet.

2. An efficient line-up card (do not forget about its usability)

If you play close and eagle-like attention to the game, no matter it is a World Cup game or other soccer games, you will realize that there is one key role every team should follow if everyone wearing the same shirt wants to become a professional football team: everyone has his/her role in the game. Each post is crucial, no matter what people may think about it. You may play as a wing player or defender in a game, but you hold the same essential role as striker, goalkeeper, and even your coach. No one at the field can stand without the presence of the other player. That is the reason you need teamwork. People should fill the right place where they will give you their best performance. If you get someone with huge potential for the business, but currently, he has not the capability, it is your responsibility to train him/her. Get everyone the same vision and mission of the company. So, all of them will work at the same train towards the same goal. Do not underestimate this task because it is one of the most-difficult projects in business some companies even fail to accomplish. Get the best of your executives to assess everyone’s capability and roles they should receive. You must make sure the whole process will pass through clear, careful, and detailed ways.

3. Manage the ball

There is one belief among many others I still hold until today: it is a great proud of all football players to enter the World Cup. Well, I believe that is also a fact. However, success does not always mean you can now sit down and relax. Sometimes, success also means the greater challenge than you previously have in the past. Do not let the present success you have a block you from greater success you may have in the future. The similar thing happens in a business world, including and especially e-commerce world. Once you get your office to the international class, it does not mean your struggle is over. Instead, you get more challenge than you have conquered in the past. Stay focus with your customers because they will ‘let you know’ about everything you should do to maintain and even improve the success. Do not get shy to ask your customers’ opinion about this subject because I think they will gladly give it to you. Their feedback is crucial. So, make sure you will have gained the advantage of it.

4. Prepare alternative plans

Like World Cup, there are multiple teams in the competition. It means that someone may get better idea than you currently have. It will only lead to ruin if you do not tackle it with something greater than your opponent’s idea. It may not be a great idea. As long as it can attract people to trust your company, it is enough.
Being in competition also means you should always come with attractive and adaptive strategies. It means that whenever the market change to the particular direction your previously-prepared strategies have expected, you can immediately apply the strategies and therefore secure your place at the market. Well, since your strategies depend on the market, its behavior, and your customers, you need not only the best people you can get in the field, but also technology supports. You need all resources to stay inside the circle.

5. Join the party

During the World Cup and even after that global competition, some research centers published their data about how the event affects social media. Most of them claimed that there were more than 650 million tweets about the soccer game. In addition, there were at least 300 million users from Facebook, who create more than 2.5 billion interactions while the significant event took place. When it came to the 2014 Brazil World Cup final round, the internet seemed not enough to hold these communications. It seemed impossible at that time to find a slot at both social media where we did not find any word that has relevance to World Cup, FIFA, and information of both countries.
This particular information should enlighten you about how your office can use social media. It is an efficient tool you can use both to identify and engage your business prospects. They are not just ordinary tools you use to respond to your customers’ complaints.

It will take approximately four years from now until the world will host another World Cup event in 2018. Yes, the time is enough for everyone to sit and relax, but it does not apply with business, especially your business. Do not wait until all the venues are complete. Take your time from now to prepare everything that may happen in the future. You should remember one thing: good preparation will lead to the good result. The contrary will happen if you choose to walk on the wrong path.