Five must-adopt word of mouth Marketing Tactics

Technology is providing us with a fast changing world and a wide range of communication methods that are re-shaping the interaction between one another drastically and forever while at the same time further discounting the human aspect of marketing and business.

As such, it is no longer sufficient for businesses to think about traditional forms of advertising or collect new customers rather than connect with them. It is time for businesses to follow and adopt new marketing methods and enhance their image while creating public awareness of their brands. Unfortunately, profitability is driven likewise with only a few percentage of businesses seen investing in marketing, even as we approach the end of the year 2015 and the start of a new year.

Awkward indeed and witnessed only by smart marketers and business owners who can figure this out and are the only ones using the most influential form of information consumers rely on when making purchase decisions i.e. word-of-mouth marketing.

Smart Marketers are actually creating cutting edge buzz-worthy messages that go viral on networks to turn consumers into passionate brand advocates and fuel conversations with what makes people want to talk and share with their network. Not an easy task!

However, all successful and massive word-of-mouth campaigns have these five tactics listed below that connected with consumers on a human level and generated more awareness & profits to their brands:

1. Identify and target your influencers. Here lies a tricky way to create awareness in your product or brand through word-of-mouth campaigns and that is by getting your message out to the influencers who are active on Social Media and blogs and able to promote your message and brand. A new way of marketing that, if done effectively, can lead to explosive growth for businesses accompanied with drastic increase in brand awareness, product purchase and overall sales.

2. Connect to the human emotion. Creating brand awareness to eventually achieve true influence that drives action is one thing and staying in the conversation is another. That’s the case with those businesses or organizations that target long term connection with their customers, one that connects to the human emotion. One example of similar campaigns is taking the wish of those suffering from severe or deadly illness and making it true.

3. Continuously involve communities. The best word-of-mouth campaigns are those generated from companies that continuously involve communities around in their activities for generating buzz, encouraging talent participation, hosting events and online apps that picture where, when and how far people around did their achievements, in order for these communities to share their stories and achievements with their friends and family and through social impressions.

4. Give consumers something to talk about with superior customer service. Companies nowadays are transforming their efforts on improving existing customer experience and retention to make from that customer a fan that can’t stop talking about their brand instead of targeting new customers with high risk of acceptability of their brands and products.

5. Make it easy for people to leave reviews. Help people leave good impression about you in comments and reviews. Don’t complicate things for them when talking about your brand, instead simplify the process for customers to interact with your brand, recommend your brand and communicate with one another about it.

The end result for you and your company is that no matter how advanced we become in technology, it’s important for your brand to convey the fact that it’s still connecting with humans. In other words, forget about the followers and “likes” everyone else is trying to gain, but focus on deeper insight of your message to make it stick in the minds and tongues of its fans. Looking to develop or design your website or mobile application or any other business solution in mind? With the capable, creative and promising group of designers and developers at Dow Group, invest in a digital package that meets your budget, quality and requirements.