Five Tips to consider when hiring a Great Web Developer

The all-time major problem facing every company seeking to hire an excellent web developer, the person responsible for creating the online face and image of the company and the one behind enabling the company interacting virtually with its customers, is finding the right talent from the first interview without wasting the company’s time, money and resources and the interviewers’ energy and patience for seeking a replacement. Below are five tips that tackle this major problem:

1. Hire for DNA first, then work experience. 

When considering to hire a great web developer, first and foremost, you should look for a person who fits in with the culture of the company not necessarily one who is highly experienced. Hiring should take into consideration the priorities the company works by, whether it highlights meeting deadlines or flexibility in delivery and pushes employees for drive, determination, persistence, curiosity or allows permissiveness, versatility, adaptability and risk-taking in the work environment and this should be settled from the first interview without being faked then.

2. Try out a new developer with a small project first.

A company shouldn’t be that assured if according to it the initial considerations, those put at the interview, are met in a person but should further question that person’s ability to provide a creative solution or product in a time limit with few bugs and how that person is able to communicate the problems and delays encountered with the company team.

3. Pick a developer with aptitude, not a particular skill set.

Hiring a good web developer should take into consideration the changes that affect the web industry as to new technologies, so it’s not that push to the company if it hires one who is highly knowledgeable in one technology and not interested in advancing his scope to other ones.

4. Don’t ask trivia questions about programming. 

When hiring a web developer, ask open, elaborate and explanatory questions that are directly related to the programming issues to be faced and not silly and general questions about programming and see how these candidates will answer them and communicate and explain tech terms.

5. Hire slow, fire fast.

Carry on a fire-fast attitude when looking for an effective web developer who can meet deadlines fast and efficiently and quickly eliminate the ineffective one, although he/she may be a talented lead developer and have developed close friendships with fellow developers in the company. An ineffective web developer can be disruptive to the entire team and potentially the entire project.

In all cases you have to make sure lots of those prospective hired understand your brand, your processes and the level of quality you associate with it as well as the details of your project.

Remember, no one can do anything alone and work is always easiest when split down the middle with excellent web developersHiring great web developers is a great way to find that help and build relationships to further your business.

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