FOUR Key Trends in Mobile App Development

FOUR Key Trends in Mobile App Development

At the time when the app landscape is constantly changing, mobile developers and app owners have to be keen to how it is really changing. In this atmosphere, reports for the first quarter of 2015 come offering plenty of info about current marketplace movements. One of them actually noted four trends that every mobile app developer and firm should look into and these are: 

1. Swift surges onto developer scene

A new App language is taking edge in the technology business, called Swift, where according to a report among 8,000 developers, one in five were using Swift just four months after its public launch.
Objective C, on the other hand, which obviously had a bit of a head start with iOS-centric developers, is not going anywhere anytime soon since a decent chunk of early Swift developers—nearly a quarter of them—are new to iOS development and as such learning both languages will be necessary in order to be an accomplished iOS developer, the report reads.

2. Cross-platform tools growing in popularity

Third-party tool use among mobile developers is at an all-time high and is being used for things like analytics, crash reporting, and testing. Cross-platform tools have also jumped in popularity and usage during the past six months and choosing the right tool according to executives seems to be based on a stable provider.

3. Enterprise apps make more money than consumer apps

For mobile developers seeking revenue for their work at the time when Smart phones continue to fly off the shelves, they should be working on enterprise apps rather than consumer apps. 

This is supported by the report’s stating that 43% of developers focused on enterprise apps hit or exceed $10,000 per month in revenue, compared with just 19% of consumer app developers and the fact that businesses are very willing to pay for software that helps them be productive and make money.

4. The Internet of Things is hot, even if the payoff isn’t imminent

The area most desirable to put effort in nowadays according to the report is the Internet of Things: (IoT) where more than half (53%) of developers included in the report say they’re working on some form of IoT project.

This work however might take a while to deliver a tangible payoff, but it is the future of investment and the biggest areas of current interest within the broad IoT universe are those where existing mobile platforms—namely iOS and Android—have a clear stake, such as the smart home/smart building and wearable computing markets.

The report goes on to confirm that the [IoT] products with the best software will be the most desirable; hence developers will become essential to creating competitive products.

To continue striving, amazing and amazed with your actual job as a Mobile App developer you have to keep up with the rapidly evolving marketplace movements in everything from tools and languages to device platforms and economics.

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