Get a franchise? How to give a nice, great name to your franchise

People have various ways to reach their success. Each comes with a different reason, background, vision, mission, outcome they expect and other things. However, there is one business method that offers a ‘shortcut’ to success: franchise. Franchise skips the business establishment stage which gives time and money benefits to you. However, even though it skips the most time-consuming part, it does not mean that you can directly start the business once you have decided to run a franchise. You still have a responsibility to contact to your franchise attorney or maybe consultant. Then, you should continue the process with Franchise Disclosure Document application and other related operations manual. You can easily complete each step if you have adequate knowledge, skills, and experience in doing things similar to the above steps which increase the importance of having deep research and preparation. You cannot expect too much from your franchise if you are not good at both of them.

A business starts with the name. It represents not only your identity, but also everything you are going to do with the business. Furthermore, it tells people about the existence of your business and reason for wanting you. These are the reasons you should put close attention in choosing the best name for your business. You must have ever heard about the importance of giving a simple name to your business. Well, a simple name is not enough. There are other business-naming aspects that are worth for your concern at the same level. Each of them comes with its own urgency, value, benefits, and risks.

Name leaves impression
Great power lies behind the name, but only if you can recognize and understand it. A simple business name may give people easiness in remembering your business, but do remember that a business is only about how people remember your business, but also it speaks about how deep the impression you leave at your customers’ heart. You can simply leave a powerful impression by giving ‘special authority’ to your franchise business. It is not as complicated as some people think. By sampling adding ‘Mr.’ to your business name, you have already gained people trust. It is a typical technique repair and maintenance companies use. By adding ‘Mr.’ to your business name, you have already told people that your service has become your identity even since the first time you gave birth to it.

People are looking for greatness
Attaching ‘Mr.’ to your business name gives you many benefits. However, since it stands as your identity, you are the only who own and therefore you are also the only one who know it thoroughly. In business people need to know about reasons, they should choose you. The business is not only about the business owner, but also, it speaks about customer as the most important thing. People need to know precise reasons that they can trust your business to deal with problems they have. They need a ‘valid proof’ of your expertise. People So, there is only one question remains: how exactly you can get this ‘certification’ as credible evidence of your expertise?
Well, you should find no other place to come. You can simply add ‘Doctor’ to your franchise name. Everyone knows doctorate title and nothing deny expertise level it has. Adding this title to your business name will show people that not only you have the expertise as your birth gift and character, but also you have proven your expertise through extensive experiences.

Move strictly and aggressively
Each of us comes with different, individual reason in choosing a company to help us with our needs. While some people may think about the company service quality, other people come about how good a company in building their system. It is important to ask the service from the company that implements a strict service quality procedure in order to guarantee that their customers will only get the best. Even though it is not a universal ‘rule,’ most companies that come with the the military title at their business name usually come with this strict quality standard. There are some cases you can consider such as Maid Brigade, Lawn Army, Squeegee Squad, and other businesses with a similar title. By adding military title to your franchise business, you give the impression to people about the expertise of your team as well as a commitment of everyone from your company in making a better world than we have today by providing the best service.

The power of a letter
For quite a long time, most businesses including franchise choose either I or E as a powerful message that strengthens the impression of their business name, whether it occurs in lowercase or uppercase due to our digital culture. However, even though both words still have their power, we should not ignore a large number of companies which have turned to other hot letters, such as D, N, Z, and other powerful words,
Here are some examples of those persuasive letters:
•    D : D Pet Hotels, D-BAT Acadmics
•    N : N-Hance, N Zone Sports, Nrgize Lifestyle
•    Z : Zloop Computer and Electronics Recycling Centers

Adding numbers
Letters are not the only powerful tool in naming your franchise business. Numbers, at the other side, have at least the same strength that will turn your ordinary franchise name into a powerful one which leaves a deep impression to your customers.

Since we looked for a different naming method, numbers have established their unique position at our name preference list. Some companies even have added numbers to their name since they instituted the company, such as Motel 6 and 7-Eleven. Motel 6, for example, puts the number to its name because the company applied $6/night when they started the business for the first time. At the other side, 7-Eleven has the number at its name because they opened the store from 07.00 – 23.00 when they started the business.
Later, Burger 21 applies the same strategy. The company chooses the number because they offer 21 different varieties of burger. Numbers become representation of a particular item a company has, from product, service, history, and other aspects. In addition, numbers ease people in remembering the company name. It is simple and easy to remember.

An exciting name    
We know that a business involves with various multiple aspects, but not all of us recognize the most important aspect among these things. It is a simple character that not only happens in the business world, but also our daily life. However, it is also the simplicity that makes people sometimes ‘ignores’ its importance: excitement.
Many people describe excitement as subjective moment that makes it difficult to implement the right strategies. Do you believe, at this precise moment, when I say that the most effective and simplest way to raise people excitement over your business is by using an exclamation point?
An exclamation point directly raises people awareness with its high tone when we speak it. It symbolizes the spirit of the business and great passion the company has in giving both the best product and service to people.
Club Z! for example, believes that an exclamation point they put at their name will attract children to believe that tutoring is completely different from extra schoolwork, and there are much fun waiting for them.
Zoup! Moreover, Juice It Up! at the other side, believes that an exclamation point will lead people to believe that there are some secret things people do not know about food, besides as something they always eat.

Now, after reading some strategies businesses apply to give a name to their company, you should have seen that business naming is not as simple as creating a series of word. With various aspects you should concern, your business name determines the future of your agency. There is one thing you should remember. It is easy to give a name, but it is very difficult to give a name that represents your business, reflects your vision and mission, and finally invite people to come.