Google’s Penguin 3.0

So every now and then Google releases a new update to its algorithms, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird etc, but this time Google took a different approach. Late November of 2014, Google bent the rules a little bit during the holiday season when they released Penguin3.0 update/refresh rolled in and around Thanksgiving Day. Which of course caused havoc for many e-commerce websites and left domain owners asking why did Google roll out Penguin a day before black Friday and three days before Cyber Monday?

SEO forums were overrun with speculations over Google’s intention. Some say Penguin 3.0 caused their site rankings to drop in the search engine results pages while others saw their rankings boost up a number of pages.

However Google answered some of our questions about the late November roll out, saying that the implementation of Penguin 3.0 refresh are signs of the way in which Penguin will begin continuously refreshing throughout the year.

Previously Google left those punished by the search engine giant, enough time to right their SEO wrongs and get back on track. Whereas now, Google is keen on keeping search engine results relevant and on track by catching those pesky site link spams more often, forcing websites to play fair when it comes to SEO. You can avail Dow Group SEO services in Dubai for safe SEO strategies that maintains the ranking results on search engines for long time.

So really, the tip here is to stay consistent with your SEO and forget all about buying fake links to boost your site rankings, play fair to last longer in the game.