How a simple image can boost your article attractiveness

Do you run a blog or a website which provides content to your reader? Have you ever performed a light research about which content type your readers prefer? Which do they choose: text or image? You will get enough surprise when you found out that more than 75% online users prefer image rather than text. As a matter of fact, this discovery shows you that instead of providing only text to your audiences, you should think about adding more images than usual to your content. It tends to be a more psychological reason than the content itself. People will see that your content is highly attractive if you put some additional color or images into it. The reason is surprisingly simple: human is the visible being. A brief medical fact gives explanation about this subject. At least 60% of a human brain works as central processing unit for visual information. With only less than 40% of our brain work as text processor, it makes sense that our brain is more interested in image than text. We even have an adage that speaks ‘an image is more powerful than 1,000 texts.’

Today, when internet has become the one-stop place for everyone to do almost everything, including in learning things he or she love, optimizing content with the image becomes more important than ever, especially for businesses. With the nature of image-based content as the powerful magnet of interest, a business can only reach lots of audience when it understands the actual needs of their customers which is the need of attractive content with images, in this case.
Well, the process in creating engaging content is not as simple as the words say. There are complex processes all businesses should pass, but all these processes begin with the following steps.

Create images for your own business

It is not difficult to take the picture you like; especially when it looks like that people today cannot live with a smartphone that has additional camera feature on it. Photography has never become as easy as we have today. In addition, we also have social media channels that even make photography easier and more exciting than just taking pictures. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Path, and other similar social media platforms allow us to create image-based content and share it to people from all over the world. The good news is these social media networks also work with businesses. So, you can simply open your free account and start posting your content on these networks.
When you choose to take and use your own photos for your article, do not forget that each image you use should merge with article you write and deliver its idea. It is necessary, or the image will become useless both for the article and your readers.

Stock photos

Everyone can take a picture. It is a universal fact we should face, but not everyone has the skill in taking the perfect image. Without appropriate photography skills, the image may become too blurry, too general, or it just does not match with its original idea. These are common problems not only amateur photographers, but also professional photographers face. However, it does not explicitly indicate that there is no alternative solution you can use. Today, when almost everyone from all over the world has access to the internet, people put nearly everything they love on the internet, including images. You can use search engine to find any image you like to use for your content. However, you should carefully pick the image because not all images you find on the internet has free copyright. It is another problem you should face, but once more it does not have explicit mean that you have no remaining solution. Luckily, the internet has its own source of free images everyone can use for any purpose he, or she has. Some websites such as Pixabay and  Stockvault offer free image services. You can search any image you want on these platforms and use for your purpose while you should not worry about the copyright issue.

Modify your images

Taking images by your own camera will provide the benefit to you in having images that match with your taste and need. At the other side, if you choose to search image you need on free images stock, it will help you in improving your time efficiency. However, it is still likely that both alternatives may not give the you image you want. There may be some minor points at the image which you do not like. In this unique and particular case, you have two alternatives: either you remove the image then find new image or you can simply edit the image until it fits your taste.
If you are looking a highly efficient solution which will give service to you in saving your time, I would like to suggest the second option. Well, there are reasons behind that suggestion, not only because it is simpler than the first option, but also there are various easy tools you can use for the purpose, both online and offline tools.

You may know some offline tools you can use to edit your images such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, MS Paint, and other similar tools. On the internet, at the other side, there is also an abundance of online image editing tools you can use, such as PicMonkey, Canvas, iPiccy, and other similar tools.
When you edit your image, you should remember that whether you choose online or offline image-editing tools, all revisions you give to the original image should make the image easier to ‘read’ than before. There is nothing more important than this purpose. So, make sure you put all your attention to this cause.

Try Flickr

As one excellent source of outstanding images from great photographers, Flickr has strengthened its place among the best image sources on the internet by sharing their images through its Creative Commons license. When you come to Copy blogger, for example, you can recognize that most of the images come from Flickr Creative Commons. Even though most internet users claim that they need longer time than usual to find these pictures, they also realized that none of these Flickr Creative Commons images offers low quality images.
It is quite easy to find images you want on Flickr. When you have entered the Flickr website, begin the process with searching the Creative Commons. The system will show the you list of images with a variety of licenses they have. Under ordinary circumstance, there are three different licenses you will see there: adapt, share, or commercial purpose. Make sure that before you use the image, you have clearly understood its license.

While you are searching your dream image, make sure that you are only looking for the best one. Do not waste your time searching the image with moderate quality. Aim only image from professional photographers which specifically target your audience and merge with your content. Benefit you will get will far exceeds time and effort you should pay in getting the image.