How to achieve a Unique Selling Position (USP)

How to achieve a Unique Selling Position (USP)

Setting yourself a unique selling position or USP in a world of homogeneous competitors to target your sales efforts successfully, is a mission that requires some hard soul-searching and creativity.
This pinpointing strategy to highlight your product or service as being different from and better than that of the competition begins with selling yourself on these products and services but doesn’t end there especially if your product or service is similar to those around you.

The key to effective selling is actually analyzing how other companies use their USPs to their advantage. This requires careful analysis of other companies' ads and marketing messages. Analyzing what they say they sell, not just their product or service characteristics is a key step to learning a great deal about how companies distinguish themselves from competitors.

Pegging your USP on product characteristics, price structure, placement strategy (location and distribution) or promotional strategy, is a manipulation to give a business a market position that sets it apart from the competition. Focusing on one particular "peg," using the "four P's" of marketing hitherto stated also drives the strategy in other areas.

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