How to get everyone easily understands your technical copywriting?

Copywriting is an easy and simple tool that can boost your business through series of words. That is the crucial fact about copywriting. However, there is another fact at the other side we should face at the same time. Even though you may face the simple fact, there are some words inside the article that may become different with some people. It may become familiar for you since you are the person behind the business itself, but it can turn into an entirely unfamiliar thing for some people who have no business background or people who have never known about your business. Instead of being simple and easy-to-understand material, your copywriting articles turn into a complex and difficult-to-understand content. This is how our question emerges: how you can trade the easiness for the difficulty?

It is never easy to transform people’s point of view about a subject, especially if you want them to believe that your article which is used to be a difficult one to understand, is no longer the material they know. It is now an entirely different one which they can quickly read and get the core of the information without even changing the context. 
The process in writing the content itself has no sign of complicated at all if you know where and when to start. Once you know both points, here are some points that will guide your way there.

Time is critical
I honor you in the best, possible way ever if you understand your customers deserve for detailed, precise, and honest information about your business, products, services, and everything that has relevance with it. However, sometimes it does not mean you can put it all together in your copywriting articles. Yes, they are worth for it, but they do not always need it. You need to find a perfect time, place, and finally a tool to comprehend your strategy. 

When you want to brief information to people, let them know just subjects they need to know. It does not mean you dishonor them. No, it is not. Instead, you honor time they spend in reading your material by providing precious, useful, honest, and less-time-consuming material. Give them the fact they should know, but only facts they should know at present. Leave the remaining points for the future when the time comes. For this reason regarding copywriting technique, I strongly suggest you to have a thorough understanding about your customers before writing the material. Yes, you are right. Copywriting is not only about your client, but also your customers as well.

Your customers are not you
It is necessary for all copywriters to know that some people show their loyalty to your company. Some of them even know your business and system well, but remember one thing. It is only some of them who have familiarity with your system. There are still the other people who have insufficient knowledge about it. Regardless another ‘segment,' I strongly recommend you to give a general treatment for all people about your system whenever you want to give them specific information. Instead of getting to the point directly, give them brief steps about how they can reach the point. For example, when you want to show people steps you need them to accomplish, make sure you have cleared all the details. So, they can simply follow each step and arrive at the finish line as you expect. Do not just tell them to “Click Reset Password at your user’s Account Dashboard.” They are worth for something better than that, such as the following steps:
1.    Log into your account
2.    Locate the ‘Dashboard’ menu and click it
3.    Once you reached your dashboard, proceed to your Account
4.    Choose ‘User’ tab at your Account menu
5.    Once you reached your account, try to locate your user’s name. Once you found it, you can see the ‘Reset Password’ menu next to it. Choose it.
6.    Once you choose to reset your passwords, you will receive an e-mail we sent immediately after you taking the action. Please use the e-mail as guidance in re-setting your password.

Use something similar to those steps for your customers. Not only it will be the great help for them, but also you can avoid mistakes they may cause due to insufficient knowledge they have about your system.

Mark the important points
Not all people come with an eagle eye. That is how our world works. No matter how detailed you have provided the information, some people may still miss it. Well, it is not a big cause, but you still have the liability to help them with the issue. Simply lead their eyes to particular things you want them to pay their focus. As you can see from the following subject, I have already marked the ‘Log into,' ‘Dashboard,' ‘Account,' ‘User,' ‘User’s name,' ‘Reset Password,' ‘next to it,' ‘e-mail’, and ‘use the e-mail as guidance in re-setting your password’ in bold. These are important information everyone should not miss if they want to change their password. Being in bold and italic makes them easy to look, even for toddlers.

How about the alternatives?
You make copywriting articles because you want to persuade people at least in raising their interest over your product. Well, it will be better than just interest if they finally decide to purchase your item. Now, there is one emerging question regarding copywriting articles: what if they have something else they think has better value than your item. What should you do?

It is not surprising in business when you get a better competitor than yourself, but it is not about realizing how many competitors you have. It is about how to ‘defeat’ them in the smartest and softest way: making a comparison.

Before people make their choice, they need at least one strong reason they should get the item instead of other alternatives the market offers. This is your chance. Optimize this comparison hole by asking your customers several questions that compare product they like and your product. 
For example, if your competitor offers external hard disk product, you can offer your customers cloud storage service. These questions will become the great aid for you:
1.    Why do you choose external hard disk?
2.    What if you have already stored your data into the disk, but errors occurred, and you cannot retrieve the data?
3.    What if a virus gets into your hard disk and erases everything you get there?
4.    What if you want to travel outside your current city? Do you need to bring the disk along with you?
5.    What if your friend or colleague wants to access one particular file from your hard disk, but at the same time you are currently using it? Is not there any possibility for him/her to get the access?
These questions at first will ‘force’ your customers to think benefits he/she can get from the hard disk. Carefully analyze the perfect time and once it comes, grab it and show him/her that you get a better alternative than the hard disk. Tell the reasons, and you can easily grab the attention.

Focus on purpose
Once again, understanding your customers is crucial. At this subject, you will learn another reason that makes it even more critical than ever.
Before people get into any company or store, they have already had a reason in their mind about what should they do or get even though they may have only drawn it in abstract. So, if you want to increase their awareness over your product/service and how huge the benefits they will receive from your products, make sure your copywriting articles move on the same path as your customer’s line. Give them something they want to know and lead them to the purpose they have previously set. They deserve for the best solution to their needs and problems as well. If you are offering a service, they need to know how you can deliver them the best quality when they compare it with other companies. Do not give them detailed technical facts, but instead give them only reasons. One important thing to remember: keep the points simple.

Use blocks, not boulders
As I previously mentioned, it is good to have people knowing your system, but you should also realize the presence of other user segments which have insufficient knowledge about your company and how the system works. For this segment, the responsibility lies at your hands in explaining the information to the tiniest details. However, you should care not only about the information you want to give, but the ‘delivery package.' Instead of delivering them the whole information at once, you should think to deliver it with smaller packages through series of ‘meetings.’ Explain each piece, its connection to other pieces, and the reason they should read them carefully. 
Small pieces may become a time-consuming strategy for you, but it will help your customers in understanding your system as well as your explanation more efficiently than ever. 

Help your readers to understand your content by comparing it with complex concepts
A comparison is a simple tool that not only will help people in understanding your material, but also it will show everyone that you run a user-friendly business. Another example on the efficiency of comparison may help you to understand this fact.
Let’s assume your business runs security service. Instead of saying, “In order to provide the ultimate protection, our company uses unique 16-step security validation with both decryption and encryption processes that cover 23 different stages,” you can say “We provide the best security system you cannot find from other security service provider.”

If you want to find the appropriate comparison, you have freed yourself in distinguishing your product or service with real subjects. You can also compare it with something that has not yet take present. 

Keep it short
People want to read your content as long as they can harvest benefits from it. However, it does not mean everyone has the whole day to read your content. That is the reason keeping your content as efficient as possible is mandatory. At the other side, you should also concern how your article delivers information you want people to know. The audiences of your copywriting  material should be able to get the information without believing they are reading an essay. Your article should remain as user-friendly content.

Call to action
Instead of spending time reading copywriting articles, some studies discovered that many people choose to take action even though they may have never read relevant article. Unlike some people who will read the whole article words by words, some people choose to scan the entire article. They will continue to find any relevant content that will provide them information they need, including reasons they should purchase your product, your company background, users’ feedback, and other necessary information. 

Of course, once they found information they search, you need to lead them to your place where they can turn their decision into a physical item at your store. So, let’s do not forget about these channels.

Active language is more useful than passive language
Well, if we learn further about how psychology issues affect people in making decision, language types determine whether your article is boring or not. Psychology studies found out that most people believe that passive expressions turn an article into a boring one while active languages eliminate all the ‘boredom’ aspect and increase its attractiveness. 
For example, instead of saying “Once this button clicked, you will arrive at this page,” you should say, “Please click this button which will lead you to this page”.
Active language is simple more powerful and easier than passive language.

Use personalized conversational language
You may come with various niches for your copywriting articles, from as simple as the blog style to technical writing. However, no matter which niche you choose, it does not mean you should follow the formal regulation of writing legal article. You should create your own writing style and focus in personalized-conversational language. Not only this language will benefit you in grabbing people’s attention, but also, it will create the smooth flow in your material. 

The crucial point about this language is it allows you to ‘speak face-to-face’ with your audience. They are as human as you and therefore they are worth for humanly ‘treatment.' It is your responsibility, and it always lies on your hand to give them the treatment by following these quick rules of conversational language:
•    Use contractions
•    Tell personal stories
•    Remember to stay honest and remain with open personality
•    Personal word means speaking face-to-face with emotional language
•    Address your audience directly
•    When necessary, you can use incomplete sentences

Stay away from jargon
Unless you have no better way than using jargon, you should keep your copywriting article free from this stuff. Even when you decide to use jargon, make sure you have explained its usage to your audiences. For example, if you want to use ‘encryption’ in your article, make sure you will provide the brief explanation about encryption. The following simple description may give you a hint about simple and brief explanation:
“it is all about data protection: encryption. Once you save your data in our system, we will automatically scramble the data which makes it impossible (even more impossible than ever) to open unless you have the right ‘key’ which will help you in unifying the data and open it. Well, it is not a physical key as we have in our world. It is a digital key, but the main feature remains the same as we have with our physical core.”

Illustration is always useful
When you learn about how to write outstanding copywriting articles, you will soon discover one fact: there are more than thousand words a picture can paint. Well, it does not mean that instead of writing words, you should use painting. No, it is not like that. It means that instead of using only texts, you should consider supporting your content with relevant pictures or infographics. 

Placing supporting media in your content not only will help your reader in understanding the material, but also you at the other side. With its colorful image, there are more information people can find in the image than texts. It is more attractive, informative, and useful.

Address possible mistakes
Please note that this subject may become irrelevant if you are doing a simple task, but the importance may emerge if you carryout complex task as well as if your audiences fail in completing a task because they chose to ignore instructions you provide. So, before you should face the same error for the second time, I strongly recommend you to building error recovery and recognition into your copywriting articles. Here are some useful hints you may need in this subject:
•    Warn your audiences to avoid already-recognized mistakes
•    Create a resource book of mistakes you have detected and identified
•    Fix mistakes
In accordance with this copywriting issue, it is most likely you need to provide your audiences with a guide. It is important, but you should remember not to break each instruction with cautions, warnings, notes, or other similar unnecessary contents. Try the best you can to put these notes at the end of the article. 

Provide closure
No matter which piece you create, there is only one reason they want to read it: they choose your article because they believe they will gain benefit from it. Therefore, you should respond to their hope by providing proof that after reading the article, they will get the benefit they have been dreaming. If I may give you my recommendation, then it would be the provision of closure summary about the audiences’ goal, everything they have learned from your material, and how they have achieved their purposes.

When you want to get everyone understands your copywriting quickly, the crucial point is creative. Do not just write content without having the supporting data. In addition, you should also start about human behavior and psychology as well in order to find the best way you can satisfy your audiences.