How to Handle Email Unsubscribe

How to Handle Email Unsubscribe

Lets face the harsh reality that no one likes to cut an email subscriber loose, I mean all the hard work that you’ve done at the point just seems to be for nothing. But when someone wants to go you have to let them go, however it doesn’t mean that the customer relationship is over. With the advances of today’s technology we know how crowded an email inbox could get, so it might just mean that customers simply want to reduce their inbox clutter. One of the most common methods to tackle cancelled subscribers is to find out whether a customer would like to reduce the frequency of your sent emails. Alternatively an easy way to stay in touch with the customer is to ask them to stay in touch with you through social channels. Not to mention providing a call-to action to encourage consumers to download an app. 

So how exactly do you go about a cancelled email subscription?  
First, you have to keep it short. When a customer is unsubscribing they can’t be bothered reading every word in the unsubscribe option. Don’t try to confuse the customer and try to use small sentences such as ‘remove me from all mailing lists’.

Second, you have to keep it clear for the customer, do that by labelling. Label your main button accordingly, that means instead of using ‘save changes’ use the word ‘unsubscribe’. By using clear words the customer will feel confident that they indeed did unsubscribe. 
Make you Social Media buttons the main focus, do what you have to do. Use colourful Social Media buttons to attract attention. 

Third, use a call-to-action with a fun and friendly tone. For example ‘not an email person?’ and inform the customer of alternative ways to keep in touch. That way the customer will not feel pressured to keep in touch, making their decision easier to take.