How to Promote Your Business With Instagram

Instagram has become one of the essential social media platforms to promote your business, engage with customers and attract new customers. Having a strong visual appeal, Instagram offers a wide variety of marketing opportunities for businesses of any size. 

Here are four tips for successfully promoting your products and services on Instagram.

Although many people abuse hashtags they play and important role in Instagram engagement. Why? When you use more hashtags you are likely to get more likes because hashtags give photos a larger reach. 
Incorporate your hashtags with your Instagram posts and ensure they are relevant to the image.  To stay relevant research hashtags that are most popular or searched for. Hashtags that have thousands of images associated with, indicates that many people are searching for these hashtags so they are more likely to find your image. 

Build Trust
Users need to know that they can trust you, so you need to create trust to ensure the success of your page. To build trust you need to share social proof via testimonials, for example re-post customer purchase photos.
Brainstorm ways you can offer value to you Instagram followers and set yourself up as an expert resource and bring attention to your product or services. These testimonials will give you the credibility you need to build trust with your users and customers. 

Connect and Collaborate 
Build awareness by having someone influential promote your product. Like most social media platforms, Instagram has communities related to pretty much any industry. Find the top players in these industries that gather a large number of followers contact them and send them free samples in the hopes of a product review. 
Research which Instagram influencers are a great fit for you products, their followers most likely have the same interests and are potential customers. 

Post regularly 
Just like any other social media network, the key to success on Instagram is frequent and consistent posting. 
Instagram’s feed functions in real-time feed, it’s constantly refreshing. That means it’s essential to post frequently so you can ensure visibility in your followers’ feeds. 
Experiment with a different number of posts each day, at different times of fay and them measure your results. Keep testing and tailoring and over time you’ll find the perfect formula for you.