How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn hasn’t been around for a while but this one of a kind social networking site has been growing rapidly. Why should my business build a LinkedIn Network? You might ask. Well, LinkedIn connects and exposes you to important people, it allows you to attract new prospects, keeps you linked with clients and vendors, gives you the ability to market your business and find potential partnerships. With LinkedIn you can also generate more introductions and referrals, build a wider network with a potential of invitations to speak at events or conferences. The following simple steps will teach you how to utilise your LinkedIn account and manage it smartly. 

Step 1: Invite your Contacts to Connect

Import your existing email contacts from your business email under the connections tab and work through them one by one to personalise your contact invitations.
By connecting with your clients you can look through their profiles to gather information about them and add value to their transactions and further improve your relationship with them. 
After LinkedIn borrows your contacts, the site will find more relevant people to suggest to you for building your network through its ‘people you may know’ feature. 

Step 2: Use Discretion Accepting Invitations 

When your LinkedIn network expands, you’ll notice that you are getting new invitations to connect on a daily basis. Do not accept every irrelevant invitation that comes in as it may reduce the value of your network. 
To learn more about the people connecting with, ask your audience to provide you with information of where they saw or heard of you, in addition to why they would like to connect with your business. 

Step 3: Leverage Your Network 

Having groups of connections shapes your market opportunity becoming a great place to look for new connections. These groups may included people in your town or city, industry connections build from work experience, past school and university mates, communities you belong to and influencers in your community and industry. 
To expand your network, view the networks of your connections and invite relevant prospects to connect. 

Step 4: Use LinkedIn Groups 

To find new connections use relevant and high quality groups to discover and connect with people who fit your LinkedIn network. Send group members a message saying you would like to connect with them on LinkedIn and once you hear back send the invitation to connect. 

Step 5: Use Advanced Search 

Expand your network using filters to search by job titles, location, company, school and more. Fill in a number of search parameters to ensure you get effective results.

Follow the listed steps to build a stronger LinkedIn network that will benefit your business. Keep updating your network with new connections and remove dated connections. Engage and connect with the right people to add value to your network members allowing your business to improve and reach a better target market.