How to think at the same way as your customers do

There is one absolute business challenge we have today: people live in the unique life where they expect their dream to come true. Well, it is not a great challenge for us if we can give the vision through not-so-challenging channels. It becomes a great challenge we should deal at instant when people look to have their dreams take presence in high-quality experiences through multi-channel environment. Studies revealed that as long as your company can deliver the quality, people will never concern about which environment or strategy you choose which becomes quite necessary at this stage.

 If you run your business wholeheartedly, you must have already understood that there is only one thing challenge brings: golden business opportunity. In this case, when people look for their dream to come true, you can lead your company in leveraging new advanced strategies as well as technologies to develop relevant operations you need to provide goods and services with outstanding quality to your customers. These are no ordinary products and services. They are unique because they come with customer-centric idea and warranty which not only will bring everyone’s dream into quality, but also grow your company.
How did it begin?
It is difficult to find a business which does not understand the importance of customer-centric services. However, there are still many companies which ensure themselves that it is still elusive to tailor personal experience for every customer. In 2010, industry study tried to learn the reasons, and it found out that there are only 52 of 140 companies in North America which choose to serve their customers through customer-centric operations. The remaining 88 companies choose not to perform the similar operation just because they think it is too less important than their current strategy. 

If I may compare customer-centric services with another thing, I would like to compare it with gamble. Even when studies identified this strategy will leverage almost all aspects of your business, the final results would still rely on how people react to your strategies. Your company may fall into the deepest pit if you fail to deliver high-quality experiences people expect. You will ‘prove’ to your customers that your business is no longer worth for their trust. Some studies even discovered that many companies lose at least 50% of their stocks within five years just because they failed in delivering the experiences their customers were expecting. 
So, why these companies fail while we can see there are many companies score their success in the same field?

Company internal barriers often cause the failure. Even when you come with the best intention and idea in manufacturing the process in your company, you must deal with imminent failure if you do not plan everything carefully. All your strategies, processes, data, technologies, and organizations can sabotage everything you have done to manufacture the process. Instead of getting success you have been expecting, you will only disconnect your sales as well as service and marketing functions. Of course, when it happens, there is nothing your customers can expect instead of a company which never understands their true needs. 

Never think it is enough when you have only customer-centric strategies for your business vision statement. Do not wait and start thinking as your customers. Consider them as your biggest and most exciting challenge which require you to immediately delivering the best service you have at your hand. Of course, we are talking about positive customer experiences. Yes, it is not easy to deliver the quality as we speak, but it is always worth to try. 
In general, I recommend only one thing to you. If you believe your customers are worth for the best service and product which can only come from the best company, you must start evaluating how you run your business. It is about how you optimize all resources you get, both physical and non-physical resources, to transform your business from just a profit-based corporation into a customer-friendly company. A holistic approach will become very useful at this stage. You should pay great concern to your business analytics, strategy insights, customer experiences, model design operation, governance execution, transformation management, and other relevant processes.

Recognizing Possible Obstacles
Before you think like your customers, it is important to understand what they do not like from your company. These are obstacles you should eliminate at instant.

The competition is getting hotter than ever
In the business, everything evolves even the competition itself. You should never expect the old and natural competition to remain while you are no longer the one which inhabits the business world. Today, with many competitors you have, you should have begun evaluating and developing your strategies if you want to keep your customers. The reason is simple: competition is going hotter than ever. There are many companies which have similarities with your business in the market which may offer better services or products than your company. People use these companies as comparison to your office. People will choose your competitor if fact says they get better services, products, and commitment to serving your customers. So, unless you have no intentions to keep trust you get from your current customers, you should start to improve your quality standard. 

Your customers are evolving
The race evolves. That is the important point, but once again the evolution itself affects various aspects in your company. Now, it affects your customers by ‘forcing’ them to evolve as well as the competition itself. Even though business studies revealed that there are still some people who choose to purchase goods and services in a traditional way, the evolution of technology forces everyone to ‘taste’ the new shopping experience. Technology provides easier, faster, and more comfortable experience than traditional methods and as you can expect, many people (it may include your customers as well) choose to shop in this way. So, you must make sure that your company is compatible with this evolution.

Well, you should worry not only the evolution of the business process itself, but technology you use in manufacturing your company products and services. People are no longer looking for a typical product they used to get in the past with standard features. People are looking for better product quality than ever with advanced technology. Fix this problem, and you will surely get at the same way of thinking as your customers have.

There are more people issuing their dissatisfaction than ever
In the past, people will say directly to you when they feel unsatisfied with your products or services. Well, they may use published materials or just telling other people about problem they get, but everything changes today especially with the presence of social media. No matter where people come and which issue they get, they can quickly tell everyone from all around the world who knows them about their dissatisfaction. At this rate, I must remind you one important fact: you should never leave underestimate the threat. 
These social media may look simple and ‘safe’, but its people’s power will lead you to ruin if you ignore it. You need comprehensive strategies to encounter any possible ‘threat’ social media may bring to you. If I suggest the solution to you, it will be using the social media itself. Think like your customers. When they spread negative point about your company, use the same media to spread the positive issue which will re-gain people’s trust. 

Kill the back-office mentality
It is not enough when you have thought like your customers. It is useless to have the idea without appropriate implementation. It means that you should continue with the applying the idea which you cannot do from behind your office desk. Well, it is true that working from behind your desk shows the ‘smart organization’ of your company because you can do almost everything from the remote location. However, it also means you do not want to keep in touch with your customers. You must stay away from this mentality and reach your customers personally. You need to work from behind your office desk when you need to complete the administration task, but do not forget to stand and visit your customers as they will expect it to come from the best company. When you honor them by paying them a visit, they will never forget to respect your company as a compliance and make it one of the best recommended companies to visit.

You need efficient connectivity
Even when there are abundant technologies we can use to support our today’s business activities, there are only few companies which understand everything that happens when a customer decides to move from one decision to another decision, as well as companies. In order to present your customers the best experience they even never expected to come, it is necessary to have efficient connectivity between non-customer-facing functions and the contrary. 
For example, many companies choose to connect their business analytical capabilities with internal data to allow them in making comprehensive contact centers as well as sales forces which in time will allow them to drive dynamic interaction between the company and its customers. Now, look closely at what you have in your company. Are handoffs get all information they need and seamless? Are they get the right position and all resources they need to make appropriate strategies in serving your customers?