How to Create an E-Commerce Website That Sells

E-Commerce Website That Sells

If you want a website that looks fine, and is seen by customers and sells, do not install template themes or employ a regular website designer. Alternatively, hire a web design company in Dubai to build an efficient e-commerce website.

It’s hard to build a beautiful website that your clients can easily locate and navigate through it.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be too hard to create a great site because we are going to talk about how you can get an impressive UX interface, improved exposure, and a better lead-to-sales conversion on your website.

Why the Most Beautiful Sites Aren’t Always the Best at Gaining Customers

Looking through a web designer’s portfolio can be daunting and distract from the site’s goal of selling a product.

Sleek pictures and fascinating designs can draw attention but sales are not always successful.

The aims of an e-commerce website are as follows:

  • Convert visitors into paying customers.
  • Attract new customers by rating keywords for buyer-intent.
  • Provide a better user interface whilst being fast and simple to use.

Why You Shouldn’t Copy Big Brand Sites

You should study the successful website of large companies and decide whether you want a platform the same as theirs. You employ a web design company to build a website imitating the interface of a major box store, and then you’ll wait to see the profits come in. People, however, still aren’t buying.

Buyer vulnerability is strong when purchasing online. Most people have bought the best brands from companies they don’t know and never received the right product.

When customers see your ad or search on Google and review your page, they wonder about the possible risks.

To attract a customer you have to work a lot more than a big box brand. Using these methods to gain trust and convert customers to:

  • Trust badges: Trust badges specifically call out key trust factors, handle objections, and note competitive advantages.
  • Sales copy techniques: These techniques focus on benefit-driven sales copy over features. Using sales copy prioritizes what your product does for your customer instead of what it’s made out of or the latest tech.
  • Color psychology techniques: These techniques ask if your website and brand send the right messages to your customers through the appropriate use of color.

Here is an example of how one company puts trust in its clients:

  • Trust badges: Trust badges call out confidence considerations, answer concerns and mention competitive advantages.
  • Marketing duplication strategies: Such approaches rely on benefit-driven replication of apps over revenue. Using a promotional copy gives preference for your clients instead of what it is made of or the latest technology.
  • Color psychology techniques: These techniques check if your website and brand convey the correct messages to your clients through the same use of color. Below is an example of how one company places trust in its clients:

What to Look for in a Website Designer

Some web designers are trained in designing beautiful websites while others are focused on enhancing SEO. Any site experts often emphasize data-driven design where they look at your metrics and clarify what color your call-to-action buttons will be, or what measures in your user process are being lost.

You want all of those skills combined. You want somebody to be willing to conduct certain requests and address questions every month, such as:

  • “Why aren’t people checking out?”
  • “Why is no one coming to our site?”
  • “What page are people leaving on?”

A successful web design company in Dubai will provide suggestions after listening to your questions, then implement them.

Even better? Your web design partner will track and make improvements to the site without you asking.

You are passionate about what you do and you know better than anybody else about it and that’s what you want to do. You don’t want to worry about if your website doing what it should be.

You want to hire a web design company in Dubai who will be able to take care of your platform and add substantial value that will not cost you later.

Don’t Set Up Your Site and Then Forget About It

The website is not just a “website” or an “online brochure.” It’s the most significant selling resource you’ve got and the bottom of the selling funnel, where you’re getting revenue.

You invest large publicity and promotional dollars on the platform to boost traffic, and the number will adjust with time much as the customers will.

Make sure you have a system for attracting consumers to your website.


The internet has opened up too many online business opportunities and e-commerce is one of the most popular ones. Not only does it allow low investment, but it is also a form of business that does not involve full-time dedication, particularly if you sell a small range of products. You only create an online presence here and there and market the company using both free and paying methods. However, as each business, has its positive and negative sides. When you intend to thrive, you would need to build a structured plan focused on achievable expectations and a thorough competition review.

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