How To Get Positive Review For Your App


In order to get positive reviews for your app, the app must have gone through the design process cycle many times with input from friends and family. This group of people is known as the test group and should be made up of people from the target definition. Their input and comments would be a fair reflection of your intended target group. It is from their feedback that you narrow down your features list as well as additions needed that you yourself may have left out of the app.

The Testing Phase

Your app must pass the following tests. The application does not crash frequently- Users are most frustrated when they try a new application that crashes frequently or sometimes hangs. This happens even with giants like Microsoft where some of their Window versions tend to crash or hang. But with Microsoft, these bugs are overcome in a very short time due to the resources available in the company. Their automatic updates also help overcome some glitches with new apps introduced into the market. But for individuals, this can be a daunting task as it will cost money and time to resolve this problem. Make sure that white box and black box testing is done comprehensively before the launch of the app.

The application interface is not complicated- The interface between your app and other software must be made easy and compatible. Users like apps that are easy to install and use. So the app must be compliant to most software and hardware available in the market.

The application behaves according to what it is designed to do. The app must perform according to what it is designed to do and not do something else. For instance, you buy a DVD player but the player canonly play CDs.