How to overcome Communication Barriers

-Use Feedback: always ask for a feedback. It is used to determine if your message has been well received and well understood & to get general comments on actions that can be helpful for your next communication.

-Simplify Language: Language is one of the biggest communication obstacles, especially that one word can have several meanings in different contexts. Try to simplify your language as much as possible to make it clear, comprehensible and suitable to your target receiver.

-Listen Actively: how many times where you talking with someone while thinking of something else? This happens a lot. People can get distracted easily and as they appear to be listening, they are actually mentally absent. Active listening means listening for full meaning. You have to remember to stay empathetic, by that it’s is meant to always put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

-Constrain your emotions: before communicating, take some time to calm down and get your emotions under control so you can communicate as objectively and constructively as possible.

-Watch for nonverbal cues: make sure, as a sender, that your actions align with the desired message you’re trying to convey. Nonverbal cues can serve as a tool to better clarify your thoughts and to better understand the opposite person’s reactions as well.

So next time you’re planning to communicate at work, put these points in mind to avoid conflict and get things done smoothly. Dow Group is founded on the purpose of developing your digital business, its marketing strategies, its positioning in the market & its workflow automation and facilitation. But we don’t stop here. Why don’t you visit for our additional offerings including the latest courses, right here in UAE.