How to turn from your website hosting service provide to a new one

Before you can get your website fully operational, a new, fully functional, and appropriate host is mandatory. It is like finding a place to build your physical store in the real world, but this time you should find it on the internet. Well, you can do it easier than in the real world. There are many website hosting service providers on the internet which will chase you, if they need to do it, to offer you this building site. It is important to choose the perfect provider that not only understands your need, but also provide you with the best service. However, it is not easy to find this excellent provider. There are many businesses which fail at the first time and spend much time searching for the best time. If you are facing the similar case when you found that your current service provider cannot understand your need or any other reason you have, this post will help you in choosing a new website hosting service provider. Of course, I have ‘synchronized’ it with possible problems you used to have with your current provider. So, once you get the new provider, you do not need to face the same problem again.

1. Find a new web hosting service provider to support your website

Once you have set your old account to keep working during the transition process, you need to find a new website hosting provider that will support your website. The following considerations should help you with that cause:

• Operating system: There are three popular operating systems the world knows until today: Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, and OS Linux. Each of them comes with different technology characteristics. It is crucial even more important than ever to get the right one because once you made a wrong choice; you need to start the process from the beginning besides your website will stop working. So, how can you get the right OS?
I will give you one example regarding this issue. Let’s make an example. If your website uses MS SQL, ASP, MS Access, and other products from Microsoft, you certainly need Windows-based web hosting provider. If you get Linux products, then you should come to Linux-based providers. If you run your website on MacOS technologies, then Macintosh-based platform is your only solution.
Note: After reading this point, you should have understood that thorough understanding both about how your website works, and operating system are critical and mandatory. So, you should bet you have already had both of them,

2• Disk space and bandwidth specifications

3. Back up your existing website and make sure you have kept all files related to your account in one folder. Transition process may bring some changes to your website because different web hosting providers may have different technologies in supporting a website. For this reason, in order to avoid unexpected things to come, you should download all necessary files and create a backup of your website. Make sure that before you begin the download process, system will place all files in the same tree structure. It is the same structure you will use to upload the files into the new server.
In addition, it is also mandatory to check any chmod or file permissions you may need to set. Do not worry about all the complexities you find here, because actually you can simply accomplish them through FTP.
There is another scenario when your new provider does not support FTP feature or access to the system. It becomes common occurrences if your new provider supports only web creation service which uses Flash technologies. Under this condition, it is impossible to upload your backup files. This impossibility means that you have to start the whole thing from the beginning until you finish the new website.
That is the reason for the best prevention and efficiency matter; you should check which platform your new website uses. Whether it supports FTP or Flash, you need to know about it before creating backup files and initializing the transition process.

3. Do not close your account even though you want to leave your service provider

Until you completely get a new web hosting service provider and get your website fully functional on the new host, you should not leave or close your account with current provider. You need to complete the transition process first before closing the account. These methods include setting up your new account, file transfer, DNS propagation and modification, email setup and creation, and other processes. You should keep your old account because it will also keep your website for staying operational even though during the transition process.

4. Set your e-mail address

Even though you transfer your website from one provider to another, your website should continue the same. Your audiences should get no impact of this transition process. It means that all functions should remain the same, without any noticeable change, including your e-mail address. It is important to keep the same e-mail address without changing it. However, when it is impossible to keep the same e-mail address, you can make a new e-mail address, but do your best to keep the change as minimum as possible. Then, after creating the new address, tell your audience about the change. So, they will not send their inquiry to the wrong place.

5. DNS changes and propagations

Once you completed the upload process of your previous backup files and get your e-mail address completely working (no matter which address you choose: new or old one), you are free to continue to the next stage: DNS changes and propagations.
Before you continue, you should know one crucial thing. This step is optional, which means that the freedom lies at your hand whether to skip this step or not, if you found no urgency to make changes or propagations to your DNS.
Once you created your new account at your new provider, you will gain access to your DNS. Please remember to replace existing DNS settings you have with the new one. You can complete this task through your domain management panel or your domain registrar. If you cannot find the board, search the FAQ section where you will get the answer.
Once you have set your new DNS, you need to wait the process to complete for about one to two days until it is fully functional. Until you complete the process, your old provider holds the responsibility to support your website, as well as your e-mail. That is the reason you should suspend your intention to close your account at least until you have completed the whole transition process and get your website fully functional on the new server.

6. Cancel or close your old account

Finally, you have arrived at the last step. Once you have completed the whole transition process of your website, you can proceed to cancel your old account at your previous web hosting service provider.