Important trends of digital marketing for 2014

Digital marketing trends that are likely to dominate throughout the year are without any boundaries. It encompasses mobility, social media, SEO, videos, content, emails and lots more. Digital marketing can be cost-effective, but here are some trends that are likely to dominate in 2014.

1. Location-based Marketing
Location-based marketing is expected to deliver multimedia content tailored to geographical locations into the customer’s mobile device. Both marketers and consumers are expecting more such social apps including Path, and Foursquare which revolve around consumer data. 91 percent of adult mobile phone owners are expected to make sense of location-based marketing enabling people to use credit card right from their mobiles. The NFC technology in Google Wallet is expected to help users to make payments and businesses are sure to capitalize on this trend.

2. Social Media Diversification
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn rule the social media market. There are other networks such as Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram which are being leveraged by marketers. More marketers are capitalizing on this trend and seek to establish a significant presence socially to build their brand and connect with customers.
Paid advertising is expected to increase in Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn too. Smaller networks are carving a unique niche for themselves too.

3. Content Curation
Many content discovery apps like Flipboard, Pulse, and others help users to tweak feeds based on contexts and interests. Data is filtered and curated by users which will constitute another important trend in 2014 with greater engagement with business. One can increase the relevancy of posted content according to what suits them. Pinterest is one of the websites which depends on user-based content curation. and Quora are other popular websites which help in aggregation of data.