Instilling Urgency in your web visitors

This is the “Plunging on testing to boost online selling! “(Part IV) series.

Instilling Urgency Testing!

Increasing the importance of your sales letter for increasing sales prompting online visitors to carry reading more, you are prompt to instill urgency in testing. As such and as you start increasing your bottom line sales with “Testing everything, assuming nothing” in mind, you are confronted with two instilling urgency measuring tests:

Test #8: Instill urgency in your copy–and convince readers they need to buy now!

Don’t rush on instilling urgency in your visitors to buy now in the beginning of your sales copy but near the end of that sales letter, providing in the beginning product interest first.

Here are a few of the most effective ways to create a sense of urgency. Try testing each one against your current copy:

• Offer a limited-time price discount where visitors must buy before a certain date in order to qualify for the discount.
• Offer additional bonuses for free if visitors buy within a certain time frame.
• Offer only a limited quantity of your products or services.
• Offer a limited quantity bonus.

Test #9: Remove any references to “buying” from the top fold.

As stated previously in Test#5, try first to get online visitors interested in what you have to say by relating to a problem they’re facing and how you can solve it via the product you are presenting removing references to “buying,” “cost” and “sale” from the top fold of your sales letter.

Once you’ve accomplished that, you can start to sell to them, mentioning everything to do with making a purchase or spending money until after your reader is interested in your product and trusts you enough to buy from you.

Why don’t you carry on this package of enhancements to your website with Dow Group from instilling sales urgency after an enhanced visitor product trust, to assuring product problem solving prior product buying, cost and sale to eventually increase your sales exponentially in a Dow Group endorsed website creation?